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Rejuvenated sofas

This is not a demonstration of an amazing transformation, just cleaning of usual daily grime build up. I had tried the usual "specialist wipes" but found them totally useless to use. My sofas are 5 and a bit years old now. It may not be very obvious from the photos but they are definitely a shade or two lighter, closer to their original new state. The dirty cloth on the "before" picture is a terry cloth I used to wipe the excess, that was the state of the cloth and application sponge after cleaning the 2-seater and one cushion of the 3-seater. I didnt start out to submit "my story" so these are not true before/after photos. I still have the backs of the sofas to do but need my son at home to move them as it is heavy furniture, both are recliners.

Posted By:

Ornella Day

Added this guide 51 years ago


Users Top Tips:

Use gentle pressure, circular motion can get tiring, but so worth the effort

Start at the top of the furniture and work your way down

I used the Tampico brush where there were many creases either through use or manufacture I.e. around the front of the armrest


Great cleaning power

1. 2-seater sofa foot base

Hopefully here you can see that the middle section is yet to be cleaned and this sofa is not used as much as the 3-seater

Cushion back

2. Progessing to back cushions

Again, hopefully you will be able to see that this time the middle section has been cleaned, this is still the 2-seater

Middle cushion 3-seater

3. Larger sofa

This is a before shot and hopefully you can see the dirt on the crease in the cushion (looks like shadow)

Middle cushion again

4. Larger sofa -2

This is after cleaning but before adding the conditioner. Again I hope you can see that the shadow has gone, leaving just the crease.


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