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Recolouring a leather super king size bed

Having a perfectly good bed that was in a horrible baked bean color, I decided the time had come to deal with it, the job is actually very simple to do and I'm delighted. I could not justify a new bed simply as the color was awful and this solution was quick easy and highly cost effective, We are so impressed with the results I am moving on to do the sofas and the dining room chairs.

Posted By:

Lisa Baxter

Added this guide 50 years ago


Users Top Tips:

You need to use the spray gun. ( air brush) for a professional finish, you will be astounded at how well it covers and how good the result is versus the sponge application.

The product can dry a bit sticky feeling, but this goes away once sealed and finished.

Hire the compressor for big jobs

Make your coats thin but don't be too scared of applying the product,

Once you have applied, after each coat carefully check for drips or runs that may subsequently happen and just gently sponge them away, you can spray over it again later,

Products Used:

  1. Mini Air Compressor



1. After prepping with leather prep and wiping down add a first coat of base coat.

Simply follow the instructions, wipe down with leather prep in the scouring pad and cotton wool till you see the finish coming off, for me this was very quick and almost immediate, then follow this by a quick clean with the alcohol cleaner, wait an hour and then sponge on a thin coat of base coat.

Just before spraying ...

2. After a couple of coats of base, move on to spraying,,,,

The more remarkable the change the more coats you will have to do, it's not a big deal, It's quick to apply the product and 15 mins between coats if you don't use the hair dryer. As for the air brush, the propellant cans are a pain for big jobs, although it's perfectly doable, you just keep switching tins as they freeze, but the compressor, which you can hire for the delivery and return cost of 25 pounds makes the job very easy and much quicker. Watch for drips or runs after each coat and just gently rub them away,

3. Once you have the coverage you are happy with,,

Apply the seal, it's a clear fluid, but again watch for drips. Then once that's dry, repeat as required and then add your finish. Give it 24 hours before you use it. The products all smell like pear drops, it's not too offensive, is easy to apply and the spray gun doesn't cause splatter in doors, but do use a mat or something under where you are working. The result as you can see from the photos is fabulous, very professional and you would not know it was not purchased this color.


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