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Recolouring 8 vinyl dining room chairs

Our dining room chairs, just like the bed, were perfectly functional. But having recently moved home, I felt they would be better in a lighter color in their new environment, after success with the bed, I decided to tackle the chairs next. The results again were outstanding.

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Lisa Baxter

Added this guide 51 years ago


Users Top Tips:

Make sure you are working in a well ventilated area.

Always go back and check for runs or drips.

You need the cross linker and adhesion promoter instead of leather prep if its not full leather,

Use the mini compressor,

Products Used:

  1. Mini Air Compressor


Lined up and ready for treatment

1. Preparing the chairs for color

Dyeing vinyl is a slightly different process to leather. Firstly i wiped the chairs down with the alcohol cleaner, and then having followed the advice of the very helpful Duncan at furniture clinic, I purchased and applied the adhesion promoter mixed with the cross linker ( 10 percent). This ain't nice stuff, it stinks. But effectively it gives you something for the dye to stick to, and it works. Immediately after applying your coats you apply your dye and then follow the standard dyeing process.

Applying the base coats,

2. Applying the base coats

I literally started sponging on thin coats of dye, due to the darkness of the original color it took three coats before I was ready to airbrush, but the better you do this, ie the more coverage, the less spraying is required. It's a quick process, fifteen mins between coats. So once I'd worked my way over to chair eight, I was ready to start again.

Ready for the seal and finish,

3. Airbrushing

Once I had my base coats done, I applied two airbrushed coats for the perfect finish, the mini compressor really is a must for big jobs like this, but the airbrush it's self can block, as the dye has fillers in it, just rinse it out and use the pin supplied to poke through the nozzles and spray whilst turning the little dial on the paint pot and it will start again. Again I kept a sponge with me and simply kept checking for drips or runs which appear a few seconds after you have finished a spot and simply sponged them away and re sprayed.

4. Sealing and finishing,

After air brushing I left the chairs to dry for an hour, I then applied the seal, the airbrush is recommended for this stage, however I use a sponge as I have found no difference between the two finishes. However I suspect this is because I am using a satin finish at the end and am applying smoothly. Once the seal coats have been applied, I waited for an hour then sponged on the satin finish, again, I'm delighted with the results, the chairs look really great and actually better than the finish when originally purchased!


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Ornella Day (5 years ago)

Wow! Would never have considered going dark to light would work so well. Congratulations on your new dining set.

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