Understanding Leather -1 Day

This short video takes you through the tanning process, showing you how a skin or hide is turned into leather.

Leather Types Presentation
We go through the various leather types one by one showing you many examples of what the leathers look like, feel like and how they react to being used.

Leather Identification
We teach you how to identify and differentiate between each type. You’ll learn a number of different ways to identify leather and will come away afterwards with an appreciation of how unique leather is.

Common Problems
Different types of leather will suffer different types of problems. We take a look at these common problems and discuss the relevant treatments.    

It’s not just cow hide!
We take a look at exotic skins and unusual leathers, after all it doesn’t all come from a cow!

Natural Markings
We look at various leathers that have suffered damage whilst the animal was still alive. All these markings appear on the skin from when the animal was alive, right through until the skin is tanned and becomes leather.

Grain Types
When it comes to selling leather, especially furniture, you often hear terms such as top grain, full grain, split or corrected grain. During the course we show you examples of different grain types, how they’re created and why.

Leather Finishes
Leather can be coloured in different ways, finished with lacquers, oils, waxes or nothing at all. These different finishes are created for aesthetics and so there are many variants. We’ll show you the most popular finishes you’ll come across ad tell you how the tanneries achieve them.