Leather Repair – 1 Day

Cleaning Leather
After learning about the various types of leather from the first day, you’re shown the different cleaning procedures for each type to learn what can be achieved and to show any potential problems.

Stain Removal
You are shown and get to practice removing biro, permanent marker and dye transfer stains from leather.

If you fail to prepare; prepare to fail! Preparation is the key to a successful, long lasting repair. We show you the correct procedures to prepare different types leather before any remedial work is carried out.

Basic Repairs
Under expert guidance you’re shown, and will practice repairing; cuts, burns, holes, scratches, and tears. You’ll work on  genuine leather to master the technique and gain hands-on experience in carrying out cosmetic repairs.

Matching Grain
We’ll show you methods of replicating grain pattterns to basic repairs, enhancing the cosmetic quality of your repairs.

We show you how to spray the Leather Colourant and Leather Finish onto leather using an airbrush to blend repairs in.

We show you how to repair damage using the Leather & Vinyl Weld as an alternative method of using the Heavy Filler. This process involves curing the product with a heat iron set at 160oC to set the filler rapidly.