Matting Agent

Mix directly into our Leather Colourants to reduce their shine.

  • Improves colour matching accuracy
  • Makes colour matching easier
  • Water-based formula
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Matting Agent is a thick, water-based dulling agent used to reduce the gloss level of the Leather Colourant.

As the Leather Colourant is shiny as standard, when matching a dull colour, the shine of the colour can sometimes make it harder to see the true colour of your match. By mixing the Matting Agent directly into the Leather Colourant it will reduce the shine on the leather, greatly improving the accuracy of your colour match.

Adding the Matting Agent into your colour not only improves your colour matches but will make colour matching a lot quicker.

Matting Agent is Suitable For

When mixed into the Leather Colourant or Self Seal Colourant, it can be used on any type of leather.

Matting Agents Coverage and Shelf Life

Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Store between 8°C and 30°C.

Once opened, use within 3 years.

Add the Matting Agent into your Colourant and stir or shake very well to ensure it has been thoroughly mixed. Add the Matting Agent into your Colourant in small quantities, startingatabout 10% of the total volume, and check your match against the leather you are matching.

This way you will slowly reduce the sheen of the Colourant. If you add too much in one go the colour can become be too dull, which cannot be reverted. 

The Matting Agent is a product used to reduce the shine of leather colourants. It cannot be used on its own or as a top coat finish. Do not exceed putting more than 50% matting agent into a colour.

Q. Do I have to use Matting Agent when matching colours?

A. No, Matting Agent is completely optional, however it will make colour matching a lot easier and quicker therefore we do highly recommend this product.

Q. Should I use this with every colour I match?

A. Matting Agent isn’t always needed. It’s best used when you are matching a dull colour, as the shine on the Colourant can make it hard to see how close your match actually is.

Q. If I add Matting Agent into the colour, do I still need to apply a finish to the colour?

A. Yes, a finish will still be required. The Matting Agent is not a finish, it is a dulling agent and does not have the same properties as the Leather Finish does.

Q. Can I add matt Finish into the colour instead of Matting Agent?

A. Although this would work, you may need to add a lot of matt Finish which in turn would make the colourant very thin which may cause problems when spraying.

It is better using Matting Agent as this will dull the colour without affecting the properties of the Colourant. 



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