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After purchasing an original and in need of a lot of TLC, Porsche 928 S4 a year ago, during Easter 2015 I embarked on the interior restoration. All the carpets and seats required restoration/cleaning as did the door panels and headlining after 25 years of use and abuse and recent neglect. I was a complete beginner at this with zero prior experience of leather restoration and found furniture clinic online. The team were super helpful in explaining what to do and said the main thing is 'to take your time'. The leather resto kit with colour match arrived quickly and I began with the rear seats/carpet/interior leather and panels. Furniture Clinic's products worked amazingly. I followed the online and paper guide to the letter and the transformation was startling as can be seen from the 'before and after' pic's. This Porsche now feels, looks and smells like new inside; a vintage smell of leather all round. The cost was peanuts in comparison to what a full re-trim would have cost and replacement interiors for 928's are £850+. All-in-all, it's definitely worth doing things the furniture clinic way; save your original interior and increase your car's value! Good luck to everyone who uses these products!

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David Lammin

Added this guide 50 years ago


Users Top Tips:

Take your time; give the paint time to dry inbetween coats using a hairdryer; use the leather protection cream after 7 days.

Get a colour match to make sure the colour is exactly the same; what looks the same online might well be different in reality.

Begin on a small item first so you get first-hand experience of the full process before doing large items.

Hire the compressor as this makes the spraying so easy and ensures a quality finish.

USE A VENTILATED MASK as the cleaning agents and finishes are rather toxic.

Spray in warm weather/environment in a well ventilated garage to stop dust etc getting onto the finish.


Preparing the seats using the furntiure clinic leather prep/cleaning products

1. Leather prepping the seat outside

Here you can see the driver's seat masked up for spraying and being leather prepped/stripped outside.

Passenger seat before removal

2. The mess facing me!

This was the passenger side at the beginning minutes prior to removing the seat.

Passenger seat being stipped

3. Leather prepping/stripping the seats

Working outside, I stripped the old/messy finish off the passenger seat.

Passenger side finished.

4. Re-fitting the passenger seat.

Compare the difference; amazing!

Rear seats upon removal

5. Rear seats in poor condition

The rear seats were in a real mess cosmetically prior to resto.

Rear seats refitted

6. Refitting the rear seats

After leaving them to dry overnight the rear seats were refitted and look like new.

All the seats finished and refitted.

7. Job done!

One-by-one the seats were finished and refitted; worth the effort!


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