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Porsche 911 full interior colour change

I had a big problem with my Porsche I had a small leak that totally destroyed interior, leather went brown in places. So I decided that I will restore the whole interior of the Porsche myself. So I took the whole interior apart and started a long and exciting journey of restoring every single part of the Porsche interior from the seats to the dash to the steering wheel to the carpets. What I found with the seats was that the leather repair was really good and the results were excellent. The guidance and help from the staff in Furniture Clinic was very helpful, little tips and tricks they had and I went on my way. As you can see I'm very pleased with the results, the colour came out as I wanted. Howeve, I would advise there is a few learning curves, you have to be patient and you have to allow time for the chemicals to vaporize and settle in before you move on to the next stage. It took me a long time to complete the whole interior as I took my time, as I'm doing interior myself paying attention to every little detail and meticulously working through every single part. As you can see in the photographs the job csme iut good, now it's a matter of seeing how long it will last once I get it in the car. I have tested some parts by scratching the surface rigorously and it seems to be quite durable.... only time will tell.. fingers crossed.

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faisal chowdhury

Added this guide 51 years ago


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original worn seat

1. First step take Colour off and repair rips & cracks.

At first i took the colour off and then carried out necessary repairs. Then applied the binder and allowed the chemical to settle in for a day.

2. Applied the layers of colour.

Once the binder has settled in i started to apply the layers of colour. Allowing 5 to 10min drying time inbetween.

3. final coat of Matt finish

After allowing a day to dry, i applied few layers of Matt coat. I mixed 15 to 20 percentage of colour in the matt solution, which really bought the colour out.


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Silvio (5 years ago)

Hello, What is the exact name of the colour that you picked?

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