Penetrating Solution

Helps Fabricoat penetrate less absorbent fabrics.

  • Greatly improves penetrations rates
  • Helps keep fabric soft
  • Helps to keep a natural looking finish
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Adding the Penetrating Solution into the Fabricoat dilutes the colour, which helps it soak into stubborn fibres of fabric, providing a softer and more natural finish.

By adding Penetrating Solution into Fabricoat, it allows the colour to soak into the fabric much easier and helps it absorb evenly throughout the fibres, creating a more even finish to achieve professional results.

Penetrating solution should only be used with Fabricoat when re-colouring or changing the colour of fabric items.




Penetrating Solution is Suitable For

This product cannot be used by itself. It is for mixing into Fabricoat only.

Penetrating Solutions Coverage and Shelf Life

250ml is enough to create an additional 250ml of Fabricoat.

Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Store between 8°C and 30°.

Once opened, use within three years.

Mix with Fabricoat and stir the mix thoroughly.  Penetrating Solution can be mixed in at any percentage depending upon what concentration of Fabricoat is required. We recommend 50% as standard, which provides a good level of increased penetration whilst maintaining colour coverage. The mix can be thinned down further if required.

Q. Do I have to add Penetrating Solution into Fabricoat?

A. No, you do not have to use it. By adding Penetrating Solution into Fabricoat it allows the colour to soak into the fabric quicker, and more evenly which will limit any patchiness. It also helps keep the fabric nice and soft and keeps a nice natural looking finish to the fabric.

Penetrating Solution should be used when re-colouring or changing the colour of fabric items. It is not required if you are applying stencilled patterns to fabric items.

Q. Is there a right or wrong amount to use?

A. We recommend adding 50% Penetrating Solution into your Fabricoat, this would be the minimum amount to use. If you feel that the Fabricoat is not soaking in very well, you can add more Penetrating Solution.

Q. What happens if I add too much of the solution?

A. Nothing, even if you mix it in 100% it will not have an negative effect to the Fabricoat, the colour will just be more diluted so you may need to add additional coats to get your desired colour.

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