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Our settee before and after

Hi i bought a settee from Csl 3 months after purchase all colour started to rub off from the leather after months of communication with Csl to no satisfaction i contacted furniture clinic . I was really happy with my conversation and home visit and decided to buy a kit to repair my settee myself . The kit included colour air brush prep tools everything i needed . I started by removing all the old colour then proceeded to sand my settee with 1200 grit sand paper (scary ) ha ha .after i used sponges provided to rub colour into the settee before spraying using airbrush and colour provided .All this was done in my living room and i must say im delighted with the results at a very small price for what I got .i cant recommend furniture clinic enough really helpful and excellent product

Posted By:

Wayne Phillips

Added this guide 51 years ago


Users Top Tips:

Place air canister for air brush in warm water to get every bit of air from can also stops can freezing

Dont be scared to sand down the leather thoroughly for best results

Make sure when using products you have a well ventilated room

Put sheets on floor to minimise mess if doing in doors

Dont sit on settee for 24 hrs after spraying

Products Used:


    Before paint

    1. Preparing

    Here i used colour remover to be able to then sand settee and clean down after with alcohol cleaner before sponging in colour then spray


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    Clare Unsworth (4 years ago)

    How long did this take please?

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