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Malcolm westcott

I purchased the car with full intentions of having the seats re covered. Upon discovering Furniture Clinic on You Tube I decided to carry out the refurbishing of the seats myself. The instructions where very clear and written in a format that was easy to follow. As can be seen from the before/after photos the results are amazing. I am very pleased with the results, I have recommended the product to a friend who has exactly the same problem.

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Malcolm Westcott

Added this guide 51 years ago


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  1. Leather Care Kit


worn bolster

1. Damages Bolster

The sanding down of the effected area was important to smooth out the slight imperfections, and did not feel right at the time to use sand paper. But once over the fear it provided a perfectly smooth finish, which accepted the color and preparation perfectly .


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harry (6 years ago)

Very nice repair malcolm

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