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Leather Suite repair, guess who was the guilty party !? (its no good hiding under that blanket...)

Three loveable couch potatoes took their toll over several years on a cream leather suite. Decided to see if this could be repaired, so sent a sample of the leather to furniture clinic to have it exactly colour matched and spent three weekends repairing two reclining chairs (repaired in the garage) and a three seater settee (repaired in the lounge), the results speak for themselves...

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Paul Robinson

Added this guide 51 years ago


Users Top Tips:

Get the leather colour matched

Spray several 'thin' layers of colourant to avoid paint runs and to achieve an excellent finish

Spend plenty of time on the preparation

Use leather prep in a well ventilated area

Filter the paint, ensures no blocked air brushing


Its no good hiding!

1. Determine the cause


After initial layer of colourant applied by sponge

2. Recling chairs - preparation

The backs of the reclining chairs were not damaged so these were removed and cleaned with warm soapy water. Spend more time preparing the furniture as its worth the end result. Cleaned with Leather prep using the green scourer, left for a day for the leather prep to fully dry, then cleaned with alcohol cleaner. Rubbed down with 1200 grade sandpaper and then more alcohol cleaner. Apply several coats of leather binder to the worn areas, then flexi filler applied to all the scratches and cracks. Apply one more coat of binder, lightly sand before applying first coat of colourant with a sponge.

Finished result

3. Reclining chairs - finish

Sprayed four coats of colourant, three coats of super seal, and three coats of satin finish, to achieve a new look. Leave for 24 hours to dry, and for a week before applying the leather protection cream.

Cover everything before airbrushing

4. Sofa - preparation

Same as for the recliners, except this was too large to move to the garage, but managed to get the sofa outside just for the leather prep. stage as its such a powerful solvent, left the sofa under a garden table cover for several days to 'dry' then moved back indoors and protected the furnishings.

Finished result

5. Sofa - finish

For a job of this size, I did invest in a compressor, the furniture clinic air brush is excellent at spraying the colourant and finishes, and everything is cleaned afterwards with just water.

Happy days

6. No longer hiding...



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Clare Unsworth (4 years ago)

Wow that's amazing. I have the same problem as you. Our Zoe (blue whippet) does the same scratching the leather sofa. She jumps in our seat when we leave the room because it's warm. And she licks it constantly. It's cracked in places only problem we have is we can't leave sofa for a week as we use it every day. 😖

Christina (5 years ago)

This product is amazing, I was thinking new suite till I saw this and now thanks to furniture clinic's product I've got a new suite. So glad I found this and would highly recommend it 👍🏻

Charlotte Hall (5 years ago)

This looks great, can't believe the difference, looks brand new! I also have sofa sufers that this could work for!

Sue White (5 years ago)

Wow amazing!

Emily Kistler (5 years ago)

So cute! Good review too.

John Leaqder (5 years ago)

Good story and it appears to be an excellent product

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