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Leather Sofa Repair & Damage Limitation

I noticed areas of colour fading on my 3 seater leather sofa where my husband sits and dare I say it, rests his sometimes sweaty head and arms. Having decided to attempt to improve its appearance I washed the affected areas with soapy water and wait for it.... recoloured the faded areas with Oxblood shoe polish - big mistake!This did not work and in my frenzied attempts to remove the shoe polish I scrubbed the affected areas and made a little problem a whole lot worse(see before pic). I am sure other women will empathise with my escalating desperation by this point? Next I took a deep breath and did what any sensible person would do - google. I discovered the Furniture Clinic website and emailed pictures of the damage and called for advice. I spoke to a very helpful gentleman who discussed products with me and suggested that I use the degreaser and the leather colourant kit to recolour and repair the damage. I was advised to send a small piece of leather from underneath the sofa in order that the colour and finish be matched. The degreaser was used as part of the leather preparation to remove body oils/stains. We (yes by this time my husband was involved) followed the 8 step approach to preparing, recolouring and finishing the repair. I must admit at times I wondered if my sofa would ever be the same again. The whole process took us 3-4 days intermittently (prep & letting products dry etc) and required perseverance and hope that the products would work. I am delighted with the results (see after pic). I recently confessed to my friends what I had done and they were amazed as they had not noticed anything different about my sofa. I saved lots of money (the price of a new leather sofa) and have ensured that we will get a few more years out of our furniture - whew, what a relief!

Posted By:

June Walker

Added this guide 51 years ago


Users Top Tips:

Sofas are hard to move to other areas so it is possible to do the repair insitu as long as you have good ventillation and cover surounding areas

Have faith and be guided by the step by step easy to follow instructions - you will get there

Use a hair dryer after spraying each coat of colour to prevent runs

Products Used:


    1. Remove body oils and stains

    I used the leather degreaser to bring stains to the surface and remove oils as this step ensures that the sprayed colour sticks properly.


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    Sofa Repair Services in Jubileehills (3 years ago)

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    Mrs everton (4 years ago)

    Been left old leather sofa by elderly family .. Needs good cleaning .. Particularly heavy use on one seat of three seater sofa and one chair used regularly for many years ... But too good to throw out Please quote and advise when can be done . Thank you Hayley Preston lancs

    June Walker (5 years ago)

    Thanks Liz - I sent a swatch of the leather so that it could be matched - so I think its oxblood colour. P.S I didn't win the competition - gutted as I wanted to take my friend to New York for her 50th (it's been a dream of hers).

    Liz prior (5 years ago)

    Your hard work paid off June, it looks great ! We have 2 cream coloured sofas and I've been looking in to recolouring them a similar brown to yours. Difficult to choose from the colour guides, which shade did you use? Good luck with winning!

    Frances Roberts (5 years ago)

    This is very encouraging for me to read as I have a sofa with similar wear on one of the arms. I am now going to order a kit from the Furniture clinic and I am pretty confident now that my sofa will look like new again

    June Walker (5 years ago)

    Please like this story. I need 100 likes in order to be entered into the New York competition. Winning this would go a long way to spare my blushes. Thank you - June x

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