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Our leather care products have been used for over a decade by customers, both professional and public. This section includes everything you need to take care of any leather cleaning, repair or restoration job, whether furniture, car interiors or any other leather item. Developed to provide a comprehensive range, suitable for DIY and professional use, our specialist range includes products for leather care & cleaning, stain removal, leather dyeing and colouringkits for repairing leather and more!

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  1. Grain Repair
    Grain Repair

    Quickly replicates all grain patterns.

    From £8.95

    Adds a grain to repaired areas of leather

    • Quick and easy to use
    • Replicates all grain patterns
    • Used to create invisible repairs
    • Quick drying
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  2. Mini Leather Repair Kit
    Mini Leather Repair Kit

    A small kit box that contains the necessary products to fix minor damage caused with day to day h...

  3. Colour Matching Kit
    Colour Matching Kit

    Using our colour matching booklet, instructions and colourants you’ll easily match all colours of...


    In this comprehensive kit you get all the product, tools and equipment you’ll ever need to make colour matching easy!

    • Colour Matching Booklet & User Guide
    • 15 x 250ml Standard Leather Colourant
    • 1 x 500ml White Leather Colourant
    • Scales: weigh to 2 decimal places for accurate weighing of Colourant
    • 500ml Matting Agent
    • 50 mixing cups
    • 50 stirrers
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  4. Mini Air Compressor
    Mini Air Compressor

    Mini air compressor for airbrush work. Available to hire in UK Only.

    From £150.00
  5. Pro Leather Cleaning Kit
    Pro Leather Cleaning Kit

    Designed to professionally clean, condition & protect all leather items.


    The Leather Cleaning Kit is an ideal starter kit to offer a comprehensive cleaning service for all articles of leather. With a bulk supply of Furniture Clinic's main cleaning chemicals, this kit is the perfect solution to all cleaning needs.

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  6. Airbrush Propellant Can
    Airbrush Propellant Can

    For powering the airbrush.

    From £6.95

    The airbrush propellant can is a gas can used to propel the Airbrush when spraying products such as dyes, paints and finishes.

    The can is a large 400ml can and is enough to roughly spray product onto 1 car seat or other item of a similar size.

    We cannot send these cans via Royal Mail and so you must select a courier option when checking out.

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  7. Leather Renovation Kit
    Leather Renovation Kit

    Designed to renovate old & worn out leather.


    The 'complete package' when it comes to cleaning, repairing & restoring leather.

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  8. 3M Scotch-Brite Abrasive Hand Pad
    3M Scotch-Brite Abrasive Hand Pad

    Used for cleaning, prepping, sanding & polishing a wide range of surfaces.

    From £0.75
  9. 40 x Illuminated Magnifying Glass
    40 x Illuminated Magnifying Glass

    For looking at leather in detail.

    From £13.95
  10. Airbrush

    Small airbrush for all types of spraying.

  11. Tweezers

    Easy lock 'n' release grip tweezer, used for inserting the Canvas Sub Patch.


    Excellent design to help make placing a Canvas Sub Patch behind the leather easy.

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  12. Plastic Palette Knife
    Plastic Palette Knife

    For applying the fillers to leather.

  13. Solvent Resistant Gloves
    Solvent Resistant Gloves

    Used to protect your hands from all solvents such as the Leather Prep.


    Specially designed gloves used to resist all kinds of solvents.

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  14. Vinyl Protective Gloves
    Vinyl Protective Gloves

    Protective gloves used when working with chemicals and paints.

  15. 150ml Foaming Bottle
    150ml Foaming Bottle

    Turns leather cleaners into foam!

    From £2.95
  16. Mini Scales
    Mini Scales

    From £12.95

    Color match accurately by weight - makes color matching simple.

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  17. TG2 Pro Spray Gun
    TG2 Pro Spray Gun

    For precision paint spraying.

  18. Heat Gun
    Heat Gun

    Heat cures fillers in for an instant repair.


    2000W Heat Gun used to provide extreme heat to cure leather fillers instantly.

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  19. Heat Sealing Iron
    Heat Sealing Iron

    Heat cures fillers for an instant repair with an embossed grain pattern.


    The heat sealing iron heats up to 210°c to heat cure leather fillers within a minute.

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  20. Heat Paper
    Heat Paper

    Stop the heat sealing iron from burning leather.

    From £5.95

    Place this specialist pad on top of the grain pad before applying the Heat Sealing Iron to the repair.

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