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Our leather care products have been used for over a decade by customers, both professional and public. This section includes everything you need to take care of any leather cleaning, repair or restoration job, whether furniture, car interiors or any other leather item. Developed to provide a comprehensive range, suitable for DIY and professional use, our specialist range includes products for leather care & cleaning, stain removal, leather dyeing and colouringkits for repairing leather and more!

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  1. Nail Varnish, Paint Stain
    Nail Varnish, Paint Stain


    Nail Varnish and Pain Stain Remover Bundle

    • 500ml Leather Ultra Clean
    • 500ml Protection Cream
    • 250ml Leather Stain Remover

    Normal price: £49.85
    Special price: £39.95

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  2. Ink Stain
    Ink Stain


    Ink Stain Remover Kit

    • 500ml Leather Ultra Clean
    • 500ml Leather Protection Cream
    • Leather Ink Remover Kit

    Normal price: £51.85
    Special price: £39.95

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  3. Maintenance


    Leather Maintenance Bundle

    • 500ml Leather Ultra Clean
    • 500ml Leather Protection Cream
    • Leather Wipes

    Normal price: £44.85
    Special price: £34.95

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  4. Deeply Ingrained Dirt
    Deeply Ingrained Dirt


    Leather Cleaning Bundle

    • 500ml Leather Ultra Clean
    • 500ml Leather Protection Cream
    • Tampico Brush

    Normal price: £44.85
    Special price: £34.95

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  5. Leather Revive
    Leather Revive

    Oil based conditioner used to soften old, dried out and hard leathers.

    From £12.95

    A liquid conditioner used for softening and reviving old and tired leather which has become hard brittle and dry.

    • Restores dried out leather
    • Softens hard, brittle and stiff leather
    • Easy to apply with great results
    • Suitable for all types of leather
    • Extends any leather items functional life
    • Cost effective alternative to purchasing replacements for old leather items
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  6. Liquid Leather Degreaser
    Liquid Leather Degreaser

    For rapid grease removal from any leather item.

    From £7.95

    Removes grease from the leathers surface and from within the fibre structure.

    • Amazingly fast acting; cutting job times significantly
    • Easy to apply; simply wipe with a cloth
    • No messy residue
    • It's great for removing sticky marks and stains too
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  7. Pro Ink Remover
    Pro Ink Remover

    Highly Effective Solution for Removing Stubborn Ink Stains.

    From £13.50

    <p>Quickly and easily removes stubborn ink stains from leather</p>
    <li>Removes ink stains; both old and new.</li>
    <li>Use on all leather types.</li>
    <li>Perfect for permanent marker, ball point pen, felt tip, fountain pen and more.</li>

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  8. Leather Prep
    Leather Prep

    Strong solvent cleaner used to remove the manufacturers finish from leather.

    From £8.95

    A strong solvent based cleaner, used for removing the manufacturers finish from leather.

    • An essential part of the preparation process
    • Removes oils and waxes from the leathers surface
    • Removes original coatings to ensure good adhesion
    • Extremely efficient
    • Can help to soften leather by removing old dried out coatings
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  9. Alcohol Cleaner
    Alcohol Cleaner

    The Alcohol Cleaner removes all surface grease, grime and other contaminants that could otherwise...

    From £7.95

    The Alcohol Cleaner neutralises the leathers surface, removing all surface grease, grime and other contaminants that could otherwise cause adhesion problems.

    • Essential part of preparation
    • Removes grease and grime
    • Removes oils, waxes and silicones
    • Improves adhesion of coatings
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  10. Crosslinker X
    Crosslinker X

    2 part hardener used to strengthen polyurethane coatings, such as our Leather Finish & Adhesion P...

    From £5.95

    Add to the Leather Finish for a much harder wearing & longer lasting finish, or add to the Adhesion Promoter to gain greater adhesion to leather & vinyl.

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  11. Crosslinker Eco
    Crosslinker Eco

    Crosslinker Eco is a non-hazardous cross-linker designed to strengthen leather finish for a stron...

    From £5.50

    Fast curing, ready-to-use crosslinking agent used to strengthen polyurethane coatings for a robust, professional finish.

    • Toughens Leather Finish
    • Non-hazardous
    • Greatly improves wet and dry rub resistance
    • Greatly improves colour fastness
    • Significantly reduces water sensitivity
    • Increases resistance to perspiration, grease and oil
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  12. Leather Colourant
    Leather Colourant

    Safe to use and non flammable leather colourant used for repairing & restoring leather

    From £14.95
    Extremely flexible, and durable colourant, designed for restoring or changing the colour of any leather item.
    • Extremely Flexible: It can with withstand 100,000 flexes.
    • Hard wearing and high colour coverage.
    • Soft, delicate & natural look and feel.
    • Available in 16 mixing colours or one of over 10,000 colours in our database.
    • Colour matching service to match your leather exactly.
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  13. Matting Agent
    Matting Agent

    Dulling agent used to reduce the shine of Leather Colourants. Makes colour matching much easier!

    From £9.95

    Mix directly into our Leather Colourants to reduce their shine.

    • Improves colour matching accuracy
    • Makes colour matching easier
    • Water-based formula
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  14. Leather Binder
    Leather Binder

    Thin liquid used to strengthen heavily worn & cracked leather.

    From £10.95
    A thin liquid used for strengthening heavily worn or cracked leather
    • Soaks deep into fibres
    • Repairs minor scuffs
    • Extremely flexible
    • Helps restore heavy cracking
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  15. Adhesion Promoter
    Adhesion Promoter

    Improves the adhesion of colourants to leather & vinyl.

    From £14.50

    Improves the adhesion of our Colourants to leather & vinyl.

    • Extremely flexible
    • Ideal for high use areas
    • Greatly improves adhesion to leather and vinyl surfaces
    • Once dried, the Adhesion Promoter becomes tacky so creates a better base for our Colourants to adhere to
    • Use with Crosslinker X 
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  16. Repair Sub Patch
    Repair Sub Patch

    Extremely flexible cloth backing for repairing holes & tears.


    Insert this very flexible piece of fabric sub patch cloth behind the leather to form a strong backing for repairs. Measures 1m².

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  17. Leather Glue SB
    Leather Glue SB

    Strong, quick drying and very flexible solvent based Leather Glue.


    An easy to use, strong and flexible Solvent Based Glue used for gluing leather.

    • Extremely strong
    • Quick drying - sets naturally in minutes but strengths over 24 hours
    • Excellent for cosmetic repairs
    • Can be used to glue leathers together and for gluing leather to other materials
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  18. Leather Glue PU
    Leather Glue PU

    Flexible glue that flexes with the leather for a long lasting repair.

    From £8.50

    An easy to use, strong and extremely flexible water based glue used for repairing leather.

    • Heat activated
    • Extremely strong
    • Extremely flexible
    • Safe to use: water-based
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  19. Leather & Vinyl Weld
    Leather & Vinyl Weld

    For an extremely quick fill and an invisible repair.


    A heat cured filler used for a quick and invisible repair

    • Excellent flexibility
    • Great for dashboards and other plastics
    • Can be used with Grain Pad
    • Use where a quick repair is required
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  20. Grain Copier Set
    Grain Copier Set

    Special mould to take an imprint of a leathers grain pattern

    From £6.95

    A special mould designed to take an imprint of the leathers grain pattern, creating invisible repairs.

    • Replicate the grain of any leather
    • Used to emboss the grain into the Leather & Vinyl Weld
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