Antique Paste

A thick, wax based, coloured paste used to create an antique effect to tooled leather.

  • Creates an antique effect
  • Emphasises tooled areas
  • Highlights key areas
  • Available in black and dark brown
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Antique Paste leaves a nice two-tone or antique effect to vegetable tanned tooling leather. It is used for emphasising or highlighting the details in your decorative cuts.

This product lightly soaks into the leather leaving a subtle darkened, stained effect, without heavily staining the leather. Rather than completely soaking in, it sits on the leather as well as in the detailed areas and dries. This way it can easily be removed from the raised areas to reveal a luxurious antiqued tone and a lovely darkened tone within your carvings. 

Suitable For

Aniline type leather, specifically vegetable tanned leather.

Coverage & Shelf Life

Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Store between 8°C and 30°C.

Once open, use within 1 year.

Apply liberally to a sponge or dauber and rub onto the leather, ensuring good coverage in the tooled areas. Remove the excess immediately, clearing the raised areas of the leather and leaving a build-up in the tooled sections. A straight edge wrapped in cloth works well to help this.

If your piece looks streaky, or has gone too dark for your liking, this can be rectified by slightly cleaning over the surface of the leather with a damp sponge. More paste can be applied if required.

Allow to dry then buff with a clean, dry cloth.

What is the difference between Antique Paste and Antique Stain?

Both products give similar results to projects; they give a colour contrast between the tooled sections and the rest of your piece.

What you should consider is, how do you want your piece to look.

Antique Stain is good for larger projects. With it being a gel, it can be easier to apply compared to the Antique Paste. As it is a gel based product it is easier to control the amount of streaking that some people may encounter with the Paste. But practice makes perfect. 

However, Antique Stain will leave a slightly less intense colour compared to the Antique Paste.

Antique Paste will give more of a contrast between the tooled areas and raised. As the paste sits into the tooling, you tend to get a darker to lighter fade and a more luxurious colour on the raised areas.

As with most things in the crafting community, it is down to personal preference as to which you prefer, and what the overall look is that you are trying to achieve.

If you are not sure, we would recommend trying both products to see which suits your project better. 

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