Pro Leather Cleaning Kit

The Leather Cleaning Kit is an ideal starter kit to offer a comprehensive cleaning service for all articles of leather. With a bulk supply of Furniture Clinic's main cleaning chemicals, this kit is the perfect solution to all cleaning needs.

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Cleaners & Conditioners
5 Litres Ultra Clean
+ 1 Litre Ultra Clean
     (for easy use)
Leather Mousse
Tampico Brush
5 Litres Protection Cream
+ 500ml Protection Cream
     (for easy use)
500ml Leather Revive

Ink & Stain Removers
500ml Stain Remover
250ml Mould Remover
250ml Spew Remover

Tools & Accessories
5kg Terry Towelling
1kg Cotton Cloth
Cotton Buds
20 x Sponges


PLUS: Tool Box as pictured.

Leather Cleaning Kit

These kits can sometimes take a while to make and so we cannot always guarantee same day despatch.

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