Antique Finish Kit

Specially formulated colours to re-apply the colour to worn antique and rub off style leathers - the most popular being the chesterfield sofa. 

  • Easy to use
  • Achieves professional results
  • Can be restored to look brand new, or antiqued (used)
  • Long lasting finish
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No colour matching is required as we manufacture the colours that are first used on many 'rub- off’ leathers. There are only a limited range of colours used all of which we have in stock.

The Antique Finish Kit has been designed to be as a simple as possible to use and a very effective kit for re-applying the topcoat colour to ‘rub-off’ leathers.

Rub-off leathers are leathers where there is a topcoat of colour applied, normally a very dark colour such as a deep red, green, blue or brown, on top of a very bright base colour. This colour is designed to actually rub off as the leather is used, revealing the lighter colour beneath.  With use, this rubbing off effect can become too much and our kit is needed to restore the colour.

This is extremely common with Chesterfields and old Antique style sofas. 

How it works: Rub-off leathers are made by the leather being dyed and then finished with leather paints. This is known as the base colour and is usually a bright colour such as, red, green, blue, tan and brown. A strong lacquer is then applied to seal the colour in. A second colour is then sprayed on top of the lacquer. This coat is a very dark version of the base coat, like a deep red (oxblood) or deep green; this colour is almost black.

Often with this type of furniture, with day to day use, the dark topcoat colour starts to wear away exposing too much of the bright base colour beneath. This creates large areas of bright colour, making the leather look very patchy and odd. This is easily fixed by reapplying the topcoat of colourant back onto the leather.

The top layer of colourant is sprayed in light, thin coats, directly on top of the lacquer, in order to provide the rubbed off or 'antique' look. It is applied with the intention of allowing the base colour to show through and gives that iconic, chesterfield effect. Normally the buttoned areas and edges are sprayed much darker than the other areas to enhance this effect.

Red Rub Off Leather


Green Rub Off Leather


Blue Rub Off Leather


Brown Rub Off Leather


Tan Rub Off Leather



Antique Finish Kit is Suitable For

The Antique Finish Kit can be used to change or restore the colour of leather furniture that have a 'rub-off' or two-tone appearance, such as chesterfield furniture, providing top coat colour to recreate that iconic antique effect.

Suitable For Two Tone, Mottled & Antique Finished Leather

Antique Finish Kits Coverage and Shelf Life

The Antique Finish Kit comes in two different sizes:

Small Kit - Suitable for touching up small items such as a single armchair.

Large Kit - Sufficient for covering an entire three piece suite.

Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Store between 8°C and 30°C.

Once opened, use within 1 year.

Each kit comes with the following;

Small Kit:

  • 250ml Alcohol Cleaner
  • 250ml Antique Colour
  • 250ml Leather Finish
  • Airbrush & 2 x 400ml Propellant Cans
  • Cloth & Instructions

Large Kit:

  • 250ml Alcohol Cleaner
  • 500ml Antique Colour
  • 500ml Leather Finish
  • Airbrush & 4 x 400ml Propellant Cans
  • Cloth & Instructions


Before recolouring your leather, it is important to ensure that the leather is clean and free of dust. We recommend using Leather Ultra Clean to thoroughly clean the leather.

Once the leather is clean, wipe the leather down the Alcohol Cleaner. This will start to remove more of the dark top coat, but don’t worry, this is expected. You should continue to clean the leather with this until you have more of an even colour.


The top colour is sprayed onto the leather using the Antique Colour. Spray from button to button, creating diamond like lines, these are usually almost black, fading out into the larger areas. Each coat should be applied lightly (drying in between coats), slowly building up the layers, creating a nice antiqued effect.


Next, apply the Leather finish to the leather to seal in the colour. Spray a thin coat over all areas you have coloured. Leave to dry, or dry with a hair drier for speed. Once dry, apply a further one or two coats, drying in between. Additional coats can be applied to high use areas if you wish to do so.

The leather can be used after 24 hours, or minimum overnight.

We recommend applying Leather Protection Cream after seven days for further protection to your leather.

Instructional Videos

Restore the colour of leather furniture that have a 'rub-off' or two-tone appearance, such as chesterfield furniture.


Take a look at some of our customer's results.


Antique Finish Kit Blue Chesterfield


Antique Finsih Kit Chesterfield Leather Chair


Antique Finish Kit Red Chesterfield Sofa


Antique Finish Kit Chesterfield Chair



Colour Chart
Red Rub Off Leather


Green Rub Off Leather


Blue Rub Off Leather


Brown Rub Off Leather


Tan Rub Off Leather



What can I do if I put too much colour on and it goes too dark?

This can be easily rectified by gently cleaning it with a cloth dampened in Alcohol Cleaner to remove some colour. You can then re-apply if needed.

How do I know the colour will match my leather?

The darker colour used on rub-off leather is the same throughout all tanneries, which we have tried and tested over multiple hides, therefore we are confident that the colours we supply, will match your sofa.

I have cracked leather as well as being patchy, will I still be able to use this kit?

Yes. You can still re-antique your leather when it is cracked, however, this will not fix the cracking.

If you are looking to repair the cracked leather too, you will need to use our Flexifil to repair the cracking. To colour over the repair you have made, you will need to reapply the bright base colour using our Self-Seal Colourant, we have all the base colours saved in our database, however, the base colours can sometimes vary in colour from tanneries, therefore may not be 100% match. This is an important step as the base colour needs to be even in colour before applying the darker top coat.

Can I change the colour of my Chesterfield sofa from red to blue with this kit?

No, the Antique Finish Kit is for simply reapplying the darker top coat. If you wish to change the colour of your leather you should use our Leather Colourant Kit to change the colour of the base colour. Once this has been done, you can then proceed to use the Antique Finish Kit to reapply the darker top colour.

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