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Large L shaped Leather Sofa using the Colourant Kit

My L-shaped sofa was a wreck and looked awful. First I bought foam chips and refilled the back cushions and then started using the extra large colourant kit. This gave a knackered £3000+ Sofa a total refresh making it almost as good as new for less than £200.

Posted By:

David Silver

Added this guide 51 years ago


Users Top Tips:

If the airbrush stops working and the needle does not clear it flush the whole unit with water.

My sofa came in three pieces, I found it easier to complete each section and therefore still have part of the sofa to use

When using the leather prep do not be tempted to use too much as you will be tempted to ( as this is not necessary) as you will not have enough to finish

Before using the colourant kit make sure you clean the sofa first.

Follow the step by step instructions carefully

Products Used:

  1. Leather Care Kit


Left side is untreated and right side is treated

1. Side by side before & after treatment

The left side is before any treatment and the right side is after treatment and shows the result of following the instructions step by step.

Close up of renovated Sofa

2. Close up

A third of the sofa complete only two thirds to go


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David Silver (5 years ago)

Around 4 days

Suz (5 years ago)

Very useful story. Sofa looks really good. It would be great to know how long the whole process took as we've got 2 x 3 seater sofas we're considering doing. Thanks Suz

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