Suede Protector

A suede protector spray for protecting suede shoes, sofas and all other items of suede

  • Protects all items of suede and nubuck leather.
  • Repels all stains and holds dirt & grime on the surface.
  • Great for suede shoes, sofas, clothing and bags.
  • Safe to use - water-based formula
  • Protects suede without changing the look or feel
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About Suede Protector

Suede Protector is used as an essential component for the care and maintenance of items made from delicate suede or nubuck. Using our advanced barrier protection technology, Suede Protector provides an incredibly durable, invisible, barrier on the surface of the leather that effectively repels all oil & water based staining and holds every day dirt and grime on the surface; offering complete protection in a single, easy to use product. 

Regular care and maintenance of your suede or nubuck items with Suede Protector makes them much easier to clean and care for, allowing any spills, marks, dirt or other contaminants to be simply cleaned away using Suede Cleaner. The protective barrier provided by the protector also helps stop the dirt from abrading the leather, extending its functional life and keeping it looking new and fresh.

Suede Protector is Suitable For

Suede Protector can be used on literally any item made from suede, nubuck, faux suede or alcantara, including;

Clothing & jackets
Shoes, boots and other footwear
Sofas & upholstery
Car interiors
Handbags & accessories

Suede Protectors Coverage and Shelf Life

100ml of Suede Protector is enough to thoroughly protect a large item of clothing such as a jacket around two times, or your average handbag or pair of boots multiple times when used in accordance with the instructions.

If stored in a cool, dry place, in its original container and with the lid tightly fastened, Suede Protector has a functional shelf life of years, with no danger of going off or reducing its effectiveness over time.

Using Suede Protector

Step 1 - clean the suede

Clean surface first using Suede Cleaner to remove all dirt & grime

Step 2 - apply the protector

Shake the bottle well then spray onto the Suede/Nubuck so that the surface becomes wet.

Allow to dry

Step 3 - maintaining suede

Re-apply once every three months if the item is used daily, or twice a year otherwise.

Following these instructions your suede or nubuck items will be completely protected from dirt and staining all year round, making them easier to clean and maintain and keeping them looking fresh and new for longer!

Suede Protector FAQ

Q. How does the Suede Protector work?

A. The Suede Protector is a spray that is sprayed onto the suede and soaks into each individual fibre. As the Suede Protector dries, it makes the fibres water and stain repellent. This enables it to protect suede without changing the texture or colour!

Q. Can it be used as a suede shoe protector?

A. Yes, the product can be used to protect all items of suede, including suede shoes. It has a very high water repellence level and so is great for repelling rain. Unlike most suede shoe protectors, it also repels stains, so will stop any greasy stains or other mess from pavements and roads from causing a stain.

Q. Can it be used to protect nubuck?

A. Yes, it makes for a great nubuck protector too. Spray it onto nubuck in the same way you would protect suede, and get the same great results.

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