Fabric Handbag Care Kit

Prolong the life of your most prized possessions with this fabric cleaning and protection kit.

  • Complete solution for cleaning and protecting all fabrics
  • Effective protection treatment from dirt and stains
  • Cleans and removes stains
  • Cleans and protects handbags, footwear, clothing and more
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The Fabric Handbag Care Kit has been designed to clean, nourish and protect all items of soft and delicate fabrics, textiles and canvas that are used on luxurious items of clothing, footwear, handbags & luggage.

The kit includes:

Fabric Cleaner

All in one fabric cleaner and stain remover. This product is ideal for cleaning fabric materials to maintain them, and great for removing stubborn stains. It's made from plant extracts so is non-hazardous and safe to use, without compromising its ability to remove stubborn dirt and staining.

Fabric Protector

The Fabric Protector will repel all oil and water based stains. Not only that, it also makes cleaning your fabric, material or canvas items so much easier, as it retains the dirt on the surface, rather than soaking into the fibres. The Fabric Protector soaks deep into the material, coating each individual fibre creating an invisible hydrophobic coating which doesn’t alter the look or feel of the material.

Fabric Handbag Care Kit is Suitable For

The Kit is perfect to use on all fabric, canvas or textile items including handbags, shoes, boots or footwear and clothing.

Fabric Handbag Care Kits Coverage and Shelf Life

One kit is enough to clean and protect an average size handbag three times.

Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Store between 8°C and 30°C.

Once opened, use within 3 years.

This kit contains:

  • 100ml Fabric Cleaner & Spotter
  • 100ml Fabric Protector
  • Cleaning Cloth

Step 1.

Spray the Fabric Cleaner & Spotter onto the fabric and leave for 5 minutes to dwell.

Step 2.

Wipe the surface with a clean cloth to remove the dirt and grime and allow to dry Repeat this process until the dirt or staining has been removed.

Step 3.

Apply Fabric Protector to maintain and help prevent staining. Shake the bottle well and spray onto the fabric so the surface becomes wet. Allow to dry.

Re-apply once every three months if the item is used daily; twice a year otherwise.

Q. Can I use this for my fabric shoes too?

A. Yes, you can clean and protect any fabric, material or canvas items you have, including shoes, jackets, purses and more.

Q. How often should I use the Handbag Car Kit to clean and protect my items?

A. For items used daily, we recommend fully cleaning and protecting them once every three months; this gives year-round protection. For items used less frequently, cleaning and protecting twice a year is enough.

Q. What sort of staining will the Fabric Protector help prevent?

A. The Fabric Protector included in the kit will create a strong, yet invisible protection to the fabric, which will repel many types of stains and spillages such as:

  • Red wine, fizzy drinks, tea, coffee and other beverages
  • Food stains, including stubborn marks like curry or sticky sweets
  • Oil, paint and dye
  • Nail varnish 

Q. Can this be used on the lining of my bag too?

A. Yes, both products provided in the kit can be used on the interior and exterior of items.

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