FabriCoat Sprayer

Apply FabriCoat like a fabric spray paint! Professional results and a perfectly even coat when changing or restoring the colour of any fabric item

  • Used to apply FabriCoat to fabric items
  • Easy to apply, just like a Fabric Spray Paint
  • Provides a great looking, even coat on any fabric surface
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The FabriCoat Sprayer is the ideal applicator for any job that involves the use of FabriCoat to colour a fabric item. 

With an easy to use design and a convenient size for use, it takes all of the positives of FabriCoat and combines them with those of a Fabric Spray Paint, providing quick and professional results.

The sprayers are is suitable for use individually or as replacement for those included in the FabriCoat Upholstery Kit and the Convertible Roof Restoration Kit.

Each individual FabriCoat Sprayer contains enough propellant to spray 395ml of FabriCoat.


Note: Sprayers are not supplied with FabriCoat or Penetrating Solution, these items must be purchased separately.

FabriCoat Upholstery Kit - Fabric Colour Change Guide - Step 2, Prepare Fabric Dye Mix

Step 1

Thin the FabriCoat down with Penetrating Solution using the bucket provided, this will help penetration into stubborn fibres. For example, you should be mixing 250ml of Fabricoat with 125ml of Penetrating Solution, 500ml of FabriCoat should be mixed with 250ml of Penetrating Solution and so on... This ratio can be altered as desired in order to acheive a thinner or thicker mixture depending on the kind of coverage or effects you wish to achieve.

FabriCoat Upholstery Kit - Fabric Colour Change Guide - Step 3, attach feed tube to FabriCoat Sprayer

Step 2

Attach the feed tube to the bottom of the FabriCoat Sprayer, by firmly pushing the end without the plastic fixture into the bottom of the sprayer as shown.

FabriCoat Upholstery Kit - Fabric Colour Change Guide - Step 4, Dispense FabriCoat Fabric Dye Mix and Attach to Sprayer

Step 3

Pour the FabriCoat into the plastic bottle provided and screw this onto the bottom of the FabriCoat Sprayer until secure. Please ensure that the bottle is properly secured, while taking care not to over-tighten as this can cause the bottle to become loose.

FabriCoat Upholstery Kit - Fabric Colour Change Guide - Step 5, Spray FabriCoat directly onto surface to be coloured, like Fabric Paint.

Step 4

Simply press down on the head of the Sprayer in order to begin applying colour to your item. For best results spray the FabriCoat onto the item using straight regular strokes, moving from one end of the panel being covered, to the other.

Once an initial coat has been applied this step should be repeated from different directions in order to ensure proper surface coverage. If at any point the FabriCoat in the bottle you are using, or the propellant in the can, runs out, simply unscrew it, refill the bottle and re-attach, or simply attach a new sprayer as required (dont forget to attach the feed tube!). 

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