Convertible Roof Restoration Kit

The perfect kit, designed to quickly and easily transform old, worn and faded convertible roofs.

  • Restore or re-colour any worn or faded convertible roof
  • Very easy to follow process allowing anyone to achieve professional results
  • 100% colour fast when dry
  • Comes with protector to repel rain

Worth Over £100 when bought individually


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Professional Results

The Convertible Roof Restoration Kit is designed to allow anybody to completely restore the colour of any worn or faded convertible roof. Many soft-top owners maintain or restore the bodywork, mechanics and interior of their vehicle to a high standard, only to be left with a roof that looks old, faded and grubby. With our kit, this no longer needs to be an issue!


Mercedes Soft Top 50% Restored

Ideal for both classic and modern cars alike, the Convertible Roof Restoration Kit provides a very easy to use solution that allows even those with the most limited DIY skills to achieve professional results. Simply apply with the sponge and cloth provided in the kit or spray on with a FabriCoat Sprayer or airbrush and watch as your roof is transformed.

Designed to outperform all other convertible roof dyes on the market, its unique formula is water-based, 100% colour fast when dry, will resist fading and provide excellent colour depth. In addition to the FabriCoat itself, the kit also contains enough Fabric Protector to thoroughly treat any convertible roof, protecting it from dirt and staining in the future.

Convertible Roof Restoration Kit Suitable For

Incredibly versatile, the Convertible Roof Restoration Kit is an ideal solution for re-colouring or restoring:

Any Convertible Roof/Soft-Top
Canvas Roofs On Boats & Yachts
Residential & Commercial Awnings

Convertible Roof Restoration Kit Coverage & Shelf Life

One Kit is sufficient to completely restore the colour to any convertible car roof!

Store all products in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Store between 8°C and 30°C

Once opened the cleaning and protection products will last for 3 years. Fabricoat will last 1 year.

The Convertible Roof Restoration contains everything you need to restore your soft top, including:

  • 1 litre of FabriCoat
  • 500ml Penetrating Solution
  • 500ml Fabric Cleaner & Spotter
  • 500ml Fabric Protector
  • 500ml Mould Remover
  • Tampico Brush
  • Gloves
  • 1 Hand Sized Sponge
  • 30 Lint Free Cotton Cloths*
  • Mixing Container - 500ml capacity

Worth over £100 when bought individually

Kit Price: £75 A Massive 25% Saving!!

*The Lint Free Cotton Cloths in each kit may vary in number due to differences in dimensions. The amount provided in each kit is equivalent to a weight of approximately 500g.

Instructional Videos

Colour Chart

Please see the chart below for our standard colour range, developed to reflect the most common roof colours. You can select your colour from this chart and use the names provided to populate the colour field when you come to purchase your kit.

Should you have a colour that is not listed, or if you require a custom colour, we also have a colour matching service, just follow the steps given on the relevant section of the product description tab and we will get an exact colour match out to you.

Black Dark Red Dark Green Dark Brown Dark Blue Light Grey
Black Dark Red Dark Green Dark Brown Dark Blue Light Grey

Q. Is the kit suitable for use on soft-tops, awnings and boat/yacht roofs made from all materials?

A. The products in our kit are specifically designed to work on all fabric or canvas roofs, whether they are on convertibles, boats/yachts or awnings. The kit is not suitable for use on roofs made from Vinyl.

If you do find that your roof is made from Vinyl, our Leather Colourant Kit is ideal for the job and is used by both professionals and enthusiasts alike with amazing results on both Leather and Vinyl surfaces.

Q. Is there anything I will need in addition to the kit?

A. No, the Kit includes everything needed.

Q. How much FabriCoat will I need?

A. This depends on the job you are doing but we have included a full 1 litre of FabriCoat in the kit, with the corresponding 500ml of Penetrating Solution. This will provide more than enough to restore colour too, or change the colour of, any convertible roof. In the majority of cases, it should also be sufficient to cover the size of awnings and yacht/boat covers. For those that are undertaking larger jobs, we can supply more FabriCoat and Penetration solution individually, without having to purchase the full kit again, as both products are offered separately on the website.

Q. Can the products in the kit cause damage to my paintwork?

A. No, all products in the kit are completely non-harmful to the paintwork on your car, boat or yacht. If you do get any unintentional transfer on your paintwork while applying it you can simply wipe it away with a damp cloth.

Q. Do I need to clean the roof before applying the FabriCoat?

A. Yes, this is very important to ensure that the FabriCoat adheres to the fibres of the material and ensures as much of the dirt and mould in the roof is removed before colouring. To clean the roof we have included 1 litre of Cleaner. We also include 500ml Mould Remover in the kit, which should be used after cleaning.

Q. The cover or roof of my Boat/Yacht/Soft-top/Awning has mould marks on it, what should I do?

A. First treat the entire area, focusing on the worst affected parts, with the Mould Remover included in the kit, this will kill the mould and any spores on contact and make sure they do not grow back. Then, to remove any remaining stains, clean thoroughly with the Cleaner included.

Q. What colours are your Convertible Roof Restoration Kits available in?

A. We do a range of standard colours, designed to cover the most common colours that soft-tops are produced in. These include Black, Dark Brown, Dark Blue, Dark Red, Dark Green and Light Grey. Standard kits with these colours can be purchased directly through the Website.

Q. How do you apply the FabriCoat to the roof?

A. Full instructions are offered on the Website, in the guide video, and on the instruction leaflet provided with your kit. Applying FabriCoat to your soft-top is very easy, simply work it into the material using the sponge and cloth set included in the kit, purchase one of our FabriCoat sprayers and apply with that, or apply using an airbrush. Excellent results can be achieved using all of these methods.

Q. Should I protect my roof after application and what should I use to do so?

A. Yes, we certainly advise you apply a protective treatment to the roof after you have finished your restoration/colour change and allowed time for it to properly dry. As with everything else you might need for the job, we have included a full 500ml of Protector in the kit, this is sufficient to cover any convertible roof or average sized awning/boat cover.

Q. How long do I have to leave the FabriCoat to dry?

A. Once applied, the FabriCoat will be 'touch dry' in approximately one hour and will completely cure in 24 hours. Ensure that you leave at least one hour after application before applying the Protector.

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