With consistent wear the shine from leather shoes can naturally fade, the leather becomes dull and the shoe looks jaded, which can ruin your look at important formal events. Using Furniture Clinic's Shoe Shine & Colour Restorer, the process of restoration becomes quick, easy and effective. Follow these steps to achieve the best results:


Leather Shoe Shine - To restore the colour and shine


1. Unscrew the lid and remove the sponge applicator from its attached holder.

2. Apply a small amount of restorer onto the sponge and begin rubbing the solution into the shoe in a circular motion.

3. Apply this to the whole shoe (and the other in the pair) to ensure even coverage on every area of the shoes.

4. After leaving the restorer for a couple of minutes, using a clean lint free cloth you can then buff the surface, removing excess restorer from the shoe to reveal the shine.

5. The shoes should then be returned to a high shine, leaving them looking like new and ready for all formal events.