Car roofs are naturally open to the elements, often being ridden with dirt and other weather-related problems that leave them looking drab, neglected and generally ruining the sleek feel of your car. No matter how well you clean your car, a faded roof will always leave the car being quite a way from perfection.



1. Clean the roof thoroughly using the Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner, then allow the liquid to dwell in the material for around 10 minutes.

2. After this period, take a clean cloth to wipe the area down and remove the dirt from the material, this process should then be completed on the entire roof.

3. Remove any build-up of dirt and mould at the folds at the edges of the roof, these can simply be scraped away.

4. The Mould Remover should then be sprayed all over the roof to kill all unseen and visible mould spores and ensure they are eradicated entirely- after treatment wipe away with a clean cloth.

5. The Fabricoat and Penetrating Solution should then be mixed within a container using a ratio of 1 part penetration solution to 2 parts Fabricoat, then mix thoroughly

6. When this has been fully prepared, take the sponge and wrap it in a clean cloth, use this to apply Fabricoat directly onto the roof of the car.

7. Work the colour up into the material, the ensure that it penetrates deep into the fibre. This can be built up into several coats to completely change the colour, or deepen the colour of the restoration.

8. Once you're satisfied with the desired results Carpet & Upholstery Protector shield should be applied to the entire surface of the roof- protecting against future staining, dirt, fading and make the roof easier to clean and maintain.