The edges of wood furniture can easily get chipped. Hardwood and laminate flooring is also prone to chipping and when these wooden items get chipped, you need a product that can repair it properly. Follow this guide to see how to repair a chip in wood using the Hard Wax Repair Kit.



This repair is being done using the Dark Hard Wax Repair Kit.
It would be difficult to get the Soft Wax filler to stay in this type of damage and so this is why we are using the Hard Wax Fillers.
Chipped edges on furniture need to be repaired with the hard wax.


This wood has two shades in it that stand out. A dark reddish brown and an almost black grain colour.
We start this repair by filling the chip using the base colour - the dark reddish brown. We just picked the closest colour from the Dark Kit.
This is done by melting the wax filler into the chip using the heat tool provided.


Using the side if the heat tool that melts the wax, gently rub it over the wax that filled the chip.
Rub it over in various directions to try and create a smooth as finish as possible.
The chip on the table is on the rounded edge so we also need to smooth the filler into a curved shape to properly blend in.


This photo shows the repair, but it stands out a little because it is all one colour. This is easily fixed by melting some of the darker colour over the repair to help mimic the grain pattern.
When repairing chips in wood, you will often use 2 colours for an invisible repair; 1 colour for the base and a darker colour for the grain.


This final photo shows the finished repair where the chip was.
The repair blends in perfectly with the darker wax melted over the top. This is applied in the same way as before, but you don't cover all the repair in the wax - just the areas where the darker grain needs to be.