We have a more recent guide showing you how to use our Car Leather Cleaner including an updated video that you may prefer to watch. On the updated guide we clean the seats of a modern car, if you have a classic car you may wish to follow the below.

Classic Cars are typically older cars and as such the leather seats can often look old and dirty. In the how-to we'll show you how to clean your classic car leather seats and get them into great condition.

By simply cleaning, nourishing and protecting leather car seats in a classic car you'll be making the leather look better, whilst retaining the natural beauty of the leather.

Cleaning Classic Car Leather Seats - watch the video

With consistent wear, the leather interiors of cars can attract dirt and grime, deep into the grain of the leather. The interior of classic cars, in particular, can become dull, and faded with age and wear. Within this guide, we will guide you through how to best clean and protect these leathers using Furniture Clinic's Leather Cleaner & Leather Protection Cream. Follow the steps within this guide to gain the best results:

Leather Car Seat Cleaning Products

To get the best results when cleaning leather seats in a classic, use our Leather Care Kit. This contains our Leather Cleaner and Leather Protection Cream at a discounted price, along with a leather cleaning sponge and applicator.

If the leather car seats are quite dirty then we'd also advise using a Leather Cleaning Brush.

Cleaning Leather Step by Step

1. Spray the Leather Cleaner into a sponge and agitate it into a foam. The foam will soak up the excess dirt and grime, which will ensure that it does not spread around the car seat, controlling the product effectively.

2. Rub the sponge in a circular motion into the grain of the leather to remove all dirt, grease and grime from the surface and crevices of the leather.

The Leather Cleaner contains no solvents or abrasives so its perfectly safe to be used on all colours and types of leather found on car seats, as well as being totally safe for contact with skin, no matter how sensitive.

3. Once the leather seats have been cleaned they will then need to be protected. To do this use the Leather Protection Cream, you only need to apply a small amount onto a cloth as a little goes a very long way.

The Leather Protection Cream feeds and nourishes leather whilst restoring a luxurious leather aroma. Once this is completed your interior will be feeling fresh, nourished and look visibly cleaner and healthier as a result.

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