Crosslinker X

Add to the Leather Finish for a much harder wearing & longer lasting finish, or add to the Adhesion Promoter to gain greater adhesion to leather & vinyl.

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Cross Linker X is a very complex molecule used to enhance the physical properties of waterborne polyurethane coatings. When mixed with the Adhesion Promoter or Finish, the Cross Linker starts a chemical reaction that quickly rids the coating of its water content and removes any impurities. At this stage, the Cross Linker then proceeds to form a chemical bond between the molecules in the coating, creating a much tougher and harder wearing finish.


Finish With Cross Link
Finish with Cross Linker
Finish Without Cross Link
Finish without Crosslinker


This bond the crosslinker creates joins the molecules together as shown in the above diagrams.

Benefits to the Finish

  • Greatly improves wet & dry rub resistance – drastically reduces scuffing
  • Greatly improves colour fastness
  • Significantly reduces water sensitivity – easier to clean & less likely to damage with staining
  • Increased resistance to perspiration, grease & oil

Benefits to the Adhesion Promoter

  • Greatly improves adhesion to leather & vinyl surfaces
  • Once cured, the Adhesion Promoter becomes tackier, so creates a better base for the Leather Colourant to adhere to.
  • Causes the molecules of the Adhesion Promoter and the Leather Colourant to bridge together creating one bonded layer.

Mix 10% Crosslinker X into the Adhesion Promoter or Leather Finish and shake very well for 2 minutes. Apply the solution to the leather in the recommended way for the product.

Be sure to dry each layer thoroughly with a hair drier - heat starts the reaction off making for a higher performance finish, as it makes full use of the Crosslinker. However, when left to dry naturally, the Crosslinker is partly neutralised by the humidity in the air and so the finish won't be as good.

Once mixed with Crosslinker X, all products must be used within 3 hours.

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