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Convertible Roof Restoration (FC Example)

This old Convertible roof was dirty, mouldy, faded and in need of a good restoration. Using the Convertible Roof Restoration Kit we were able to bring it back to life for a fraction of the cost of a new roof!

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Furniture Clinic (Demonstration)

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Users Top Tips:

Protect your newly restored roof with Fabric Protector supplied in the kit.

A final coat of colour with FabriCoat Sprayer gives an excellent finish.

Try to keep coats as even as possible and allow drying time between each coat when applying colour.

Ensure all mould and dirt build up is removed and treated.

Clean thoroughly before attempting to apply colour.


It is important to soak the area and agitate with the brush when cleaning.

1. Thoroughly Clean the Roof

The first step we took in the process was to clean the roof thoroughly using the Fabric Cleaner & Spotter included in the kit. Removing as much dirt as possible at this point will provide much better results when colouring. We took the the Fabric Cleaner & Spotter and soaked the area, then agitated the material with a Tampico brush and allowed it to dwell for 5 minutes as per the instructions. After allowing time for the cleaner to take action, we took a clean cloth and wiped the area down, applying pressure with each stroke to remove the dirt. It is amazing how much dirt comes off the roof and into the cloth!

Remove dirt and moud in folds.

2. Remove any Dirt and Mould Build-Up

When cleaning we also noticed there was a lot of dirt and mould in the folds around the edges of the roof, we removed these with a scraper. Both dirt and mould build-ups were easily removed by running the scraper down the length of the fold.

Preventing mould from re-growing with Mould Remover

3. Apply Mould Remover

To kill any remaining mould and to prevent re-growth, we applied mould remover to the entire surface, paying particular attention to the folds we scraped out and areas where mould was apparent on the surface. This is quick and easy, just spray it on and let it do its magic, after allowing time for it to work (see instructions on bottle), we removed the excess by firmly wiping the whole roof down with a damp cloth.

Mixing FabriCoat with Penetration Solution

4. Prepare FabriCoat Mix

As per instructions, to get best results, we mixed the FabriCoat and Penetration solution in the correct ratio. We took the plastic bucket included in the kit and mixed the FabriCoat and Penetration Solution together using a ratio of 1 part Penetration Solution to 2 parts FabriCoat, then mixed throroughly.

Applying the FabriCoat is easy

5. Apply the FabriCoat Mix

Once we had prepared the right mixture, we were ready to apply it to the roof. This is so easy to apply, we simply took the sponge and wrapped it in a clean cloth (both from the kit), dipped it into the mixture and used this to apply the FabriCoat directly onto the roof of the car. Work the colour into the material to ensure that it penetrates deep into the fibres of the material, this can be built up in several coats if further depth of colour is needed.

Adding a final coat with the FabriCoat Sprayer

6. Spray On Final Coat (Optional)

The results were already great after applying with the cloth, but for a perfect finish we decided to use a FabriCoat Sprayer to apply one last coat. We just decanted some of the remaining FabriCoat we mixed earlier straight into the tub provided with the sprayer, screwed it on and sprayed it directly on to the surface. We found the best, most even, results were achieved when using long, continuous strokes moving from one side of the surface to the other. After colour was applied to our satisfaction, we left it to dry overnight.

Applying Fabric Protector

7. Protect It

Now that everything was finished and the roof was completely transformed & looking like new again, we didn't want all that hard work to go to waste, so protection was a must. The kit contains a protector that is quick acting and easy to use, just spray it onto the surface until it appears wet and leave to dry. This repels any water and oil based staining so should ensure that all of our hard work doesn't go to waste with day to day use of the car!


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Mark Szabo (5 years ago)

This is my next purchase for sure to restore my roof.

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