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Car seat colour change

It was easy to do, which i was very surprised about. The entire kit cost me approx £65 but i still have loads of dye left over just incase i have an accident?? but as a rough guide, here is how i did mine/another set.

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Karl .

Added this guide 51 years ago


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    1. Leather prep

    Using the leather prep that is supplied in the kit, apply the leather prep onto the leather using a firm pad, i used an old megs cutting pad. Make sure you get into every nook/cranny. The crap that comes off the seats is the most horrible sticky stuff ever, so make sure you use some very thick gloves. You then need to "key" the leather for the paint, i ended up using some 200 grade wet "n" dry for this, also use the smallest amount of the leather prep when doing this.

    2. Applying the dye

    You then need to apply the first coat of your leather dye, i tried it a number of ways, and this was the best way i found. using a firm bristle paint brush, just paint it on, but only do very small patches at a time, approx 6" at a time is fine, if you try and do an entire seat back in one attempt?? you will have the most awful mess to try and clean up. Also the brush is very good at getting into all the seams in the leather. When the first coat is dry, which does not take long, mine was dry in about 15mins when it was outside in the sun. then using the airbrush kit (supplied) go over the seats again with your chosen colour of dye. you will be amazed what results you will get from the poxy airbrush, just make sure you take your time getting the sprayer covering everywhere.

    3. Finishing

    When the seats are dry. you then go onto the last stage. you then have to apply the leather finish. when you order the kit you decide on matt or gloss finish. this stage is soooo easy, just use the airbrush again and go all over the seats using the leather finish, i did 2 coats just to be safe. Seats are dry?? i would leave them overnight to allow the dye/finish to cure. Fit the seats and stand back and admire your work


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