What Is a Leather Conditioner?

Leather conditioner on applicator sponge

A leather conditioner contains a natural blend of oils and waxes, perfectly formulated to feed, soften, and nourish leather, preventing the surface from drying out, becoming brittle and cracking.

What are Leather Conditioners made from?

Leather Conditioners come in many forms, creams, oils, and waxes.

Mink Oil, Lanolin and Neatsfoot Oil are commonly used to condition and soften leather.

Mink Oil is a naturally derived substance from the mink animal and has been used for centuries to help soften leather and give the fibres flexibility.

Neatsfoot Oil is made from the bones and feet of cattle. As the oil is produced, it is often blended with other oils and petroleum-based substances.

Wax conditioners traditionally contain ingredients like beef tallow and Beeswax. However, other synthetic waxes are used nowadays.

Although a wax will not penetrate the surface of the leather, wax conditioners are often used to treat and waterproof the leather, providing excellent protection from water stains and other liquids.

A good leather conditioning cream helps to nourish and moisturise the leather, keeping the fibres supple as well as providing some protection to the surface of the leather.

Is a Leather Conditioner right for modern leather?

Most modern leather furniture and car interiors have a pigmented finish. This means that the leather is painted and then sealed with a lacquer. It is impossible to feed the leather because you cannot breach the surface and so the oils and waxes cannot soak in. In these cases, it is not the leather that is drying out and cracking but the pigment on the surface.

Using a simple leather conditioner, such as the ones mentioned above, will have little benefit. Instead, you need a product that protects the finish like our Leather Protection Cream.

Protect and condition leather all-in-one

Here are some great resons to regular use a leather conditioner and leather protector. 

1. As leather is used, natural oils from the skin, perspiration, and grease will slowly start to absorb into the leather causing it to discolour, crack and peel. This damage can be seen on high-use areas where a person rests their hands and head such as on car steering wheels and arm rests. Our Leather Conditioner forms a protective barrier that not only holds general dirt on the surface but helps to repel all oil and water-based stains from leather, helping to prevent these problems from occurring.

Benefits of Leather Conditioner

2. This advanced barrier protection technology also helps stop pen marks and dye transfer from penetrating the leather, allowing these stains to easily be cleaned using a specialist Leather Cleaner.

Benefits of leather conditioner

3. When a leather item is used, friction can also cause the surface of the leather to become worn. Our Leather Conditioner acts a barrier between the leather and the dirt abrasions helping to prevent premature wear and tear.

4. It also contains UV inhibitors which will help reduce fading when in direct contact with sunlight.

5. An added benefit is that it is infused with a leather aroma which is transferred into your leather when applied, reinstating that new-leather smell.

Benefits of Leather Protection Cream

How can I soften hard or brittle leather?

To soften and revive leather which has become hard brittle and dry, you may need to use a Leather Reviver.

Like our Leather Protection Cream, our Leather Revive is a water-based conditioner that penetrates the surface of the leather to help soften the fibres.

Leather Revive can be used on its own or during the restoration process to soften the leather before making any repairs and/or recolouring.

How can we help?

We have everything you need to repair and restore your leather items but what if you could prevent them from becoming faded, stained, or damaged in the first place? With our Leather Protection Cream, you can.