Using Clear Decking Oil

Why would you use Clear Decking Oil?

When you have timber decking in your garden, it is sometimes difficult to decide what finish you want and what is the best one for you. There are so many choices of different finishes on the market and sometimes it is easier to keep things simple.

A Clear Decking Oil – like the one that we sell – is perfect for when you want the natural grain of the wood to show through and you want to protect the wood, but you don’t want to alter its colour. A decking stain, in comparison, will mask the natural features of the wood and will change the colour of the wood to your desired shade.

What is Clear Decking Oil?

Clear Decking Oil contains oils and resins that will revive, restore, nourish, and protect your decking. It is a colourless treatment that works from within rather than forming a layer on top.

The oil will enhance the natural colour and beauty of the wood. As it penetrates into the wood, it helps prevent drying, cracking, warping, splitting and swelling and will also repel rainwater.

Furniture Clinic’s Clear Decking Oil is a premium grade decking oil developed to an advanced formula. It is suitable for all types of decking – hardwood and softwood - and will give an attractive satin finish. Our oil contains UV filters, so it will protect against sun damage and stops the decking from greying and fading. It also helps to prevent the growth of mould, mildew, and fungi.

How would you apply Clear Decking Oil?

Before applying Clear Decking Oil, you must make sure that the decking is clean and free from any other finishes or stains. For this, you can use our Decking Cleaner to clean the decking and restore the wood to its original colour. Sometimes you may need to sand the wood first and/or use a paint stripper to remove any previously applied stains to the wood or stubborn finishes. This is also the time to repair any holes or cracks in your deck.

Once clean and dry, you can then apply the Clear Decking Oil. To do this, you will need:


Clear Decking Oil being poured into a tray before application

Stir or shake the oil thoroughly then pour into the tray. Apply quite liberally following the direction of the grain, using the Decking Oil Applicator Pad or paint brush but avoid creating pools of oil. Always make sure that you cover all the wood, including the edges, to ensure maximum protection. After five minutes, allowing enough time for the oil to penetrate the wooden deck, wipe off any excess oil with a clean pad or cloth.

We recommend that you apply two coats of Clear Decking Oil to bare wood allowing 4-6 hours between coats. A 5 litre tin will cover an area of 25m² and the oil will be showerproof within two hours.


Clear Decking Oil being applied to a wooden deck

To clean up, remove as much oil as you can from the applicator pad or brush and then wash out the pad and tray with warm soapy water.

When do you apply Clear Decking Oil?

Clear Decking Oil should be applied to decking at least once a year – usually in Spring – or whenever the decking is showing signs of ‘drying’. Make sure that the day and night temperatures are consistently above 8 degrees centigrade or else the oil will not dry properly. Likewise, don’t oil your decking on very hot days as it will dry too quickly and not be fully absorbed into the wood.

The oil can also be applied to untreated, new timber decking. But watch out – as some ‘new’ decking has already been pre-treated or stained and this covering would need to be removed with a Decking Cleaner before the oil is applied, as it will not be able to soak in properly.

If maintained properly, decking can last for 10-15 years. Using our Clear Decking Oil to treat your decking at least once a year, will prevent the wood from drying and cracking and extend its life.


Before and after images of having applied Clear Decking Oil

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