Types of leather dye

Dying leather with a recolouring balm

In this blog we will discuss the different types of leather dye and in what situation to use them in.

Using leather dye to restore the colour to faded leather

The easiest way to restore leather is with our Leather Re-Colouring Balm. It is a cream based conditioner with added leather dye. This means it will nourish the leather and restore the colour in one application.

It is available in a wide range of colours that cover all of the popular leathers used in upholstery and cars. It can also be used on clothes, shoes and handbags.

Using leather dye to repair minor scuffs and light cracking

The Leather Recolouring Balm is also perfect at restoring light cracking on leather.

Although, the balm will not repair the leather, if the cracks are lighter than the surrounding leather, the dye works to restore the colour helping to disguise the damage.

After thoroughly cleaning the surface of the leather with our Leather Cleaner, rub the Leather Recolouring Balm into the leather in a circular motion.

Once the dye has soaked in, take a clean cloth and buff the surface of the leather, removing any excess balm.

Using leather dye to recolour damage after a repair

If you have a scuff, scratch, or hole that you’ve repaired using a filler, you’ll not be able to use a leather dye to restore the colour. Instead, you can use one of our paint based leather repair products.

Our Leather Repair Kit contains all the fillers and paints that you need to repair and restore the colour to leather. If you just need the paint, then you can buy our Leather Repair Paint on its own.

Using leather dye to change the colour of leather.

When it comes to changing the colour of leather you could use either our:

  1. Leather Colourant Kit – for furniture, car seats, clothing etc
  2. Leather Dye – for making new items of leather

If you’re working on an existing piece of furniture, car seat etc, you’d use the Leather Colourant Kit. This is because you need to correctly clean and prepare the leather so it can be coloured.  You can find more information on how to do this in our blog – Leather Sofa Dye

If you are making something out of leather, such as a wallet, saddle, shoes or leather accessory you can use our Leather Dye.

The leather must be absorbent for the Leather Dye to work, as it soaks in and dyes the fibres of the leather. This can be used to dye both the top and suede side of leather.

Although you can use a sponge or cloth, a Wool Dauber will allow you to achieve a more even and uniform colour, giving you a much better finish.

Once dry, buff with a dry cloth to remove any excess dye, then finish with your desired finish; Natural Finish or Leather Finish.

If the item you are working on is black, you may also find our ‘Black Leather Dye’ blog useful.