Teak Oil for Garden Furniture

teak oil for garden furniture

Why Teak Oil is the best oil for garden furniture

Teak Oil soaks deep into the wood to protect and nourish it from within. This is important for garden furniture as the teak oil will stop it from getting damaged by the rain, and because it doesn’t form a coating (like a paint would) it cannot chip, flake or peel off.

Garden furniture, particularly teak garden furniture, fades in time and starts to look grey and weathered. By regularly using Teak Oil (once or twice a year)  you can prevent this greying effect from happening. Or, if your garden furniture already looks grey and weathered, you can use teak oil to restore it to the lovely golden honey colour it once was.

You may be considering staining your garden furniture, if you are, check out our blog which compares using teak oil to restore garden furniture against stain to stain it - Staining Garden Furniture.

Benefits of Teak Oil for garden furniture:

  • It dries quickly; within 4-6 hours
  • It restores the golden honey colour
  • It keeps the wood nourished preventing drying & cracking
  • It protects against rain and staining
  • Its safe and very easy to use
  • It works on all types of wooden garden furniture
  • It restores as well as maintaining wood

We recommend using Teak Oil for use on all outdoor woods. Whilst Teak Oil can be used on indoor furniture and other woods, it performs its best outdoors.

Garden Furniture Restored with Teak Oil

Half of the above garden table has been restored and oiled using Teak Oil.

How to apply teak oil to garden furniture

Oiling your garden furniture with Teak Oil could not be easier.

Before applying the oil, make sure your garden furniture is clean. Do this using Teak Cleaner. The cleaner will remove dirt from the wood, but if the wood is stained or very dark and grey, use our Teak Brightener to further enhance the colour. As this product dries you’ll see the honey colour being restored!

Once the furniture is dry from cleaning, it is time to apply the Teak Oil. You can apply the oil using either a clean, lint free cloth or a Foam Brush; both work well but the latter will also keep your hands clean!

Apply the Teak Oil liberally to the wood and leave it to soak in for a few minutes. Then take a clean cloth and wipe any excess oil for the surface. If you used a cloth to apply the oil, you can use the same cloth to remove the excess. Leave the oil to soak in and dry for between 4-6 hours.

Once dry applied a second coat of teak oil. If you are oiling the garden furniture for the first time, we recommend applying three coats.

For maintenance, we recommend applying one coat of teak oil to your garden furniture in spring and another coat in autumn. This will keep your garden furniture nourished and protected from the elements, allowing you to enjoy many a happy day using the furniture with family and friends in the sun!

Where to buy - Teak Oil for Garden Furniture

Our Teak Oil is available to buy on the website, just follow this link - Teak Oil for garden furniture