Restoring Memorabilia Worth over £2500

You may be forgiven for thinking that our business is only about furniture but you can actually use our products andservices to restore any leather item, no matter how unusual.

Take for instance these boxing gloves, signed by Mohammad Ali and worth over £2500!

The owner brought these into our North East service branch as when in transit, they had been boxed up too tightly and a part of the champs signature had transferred from one glove to the other.

Understandably the customer was keen to have this transfer mark removed and the gloves restored without damaging the signatures. 

Restoring items with important additions such as signatures is tricky work, as often it prevents the restorer from being able to 'mask off' areas when recolouring for fear of leaving lines or removing part of the signature. 

In this case, the technician carefully removed the ink mark and mustered all of his skill and experience in tackling the application of colour with an airbrush. 

By carefully controlling the pressure being fed through the airgun and with expert control, the mark was covered without leaving a trace. 

We are pleased to say the gloves were passed back to a very pleased customer. 

You can see the results achieved below:

We have a fantastic range of leather care, repair and restoration products available on our online shop. However, when you have delicate work or items too precious to attempt a DIY repair, our expert teams across the country are always here to provide professional repair and restoration services.

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