Practical Classics' Project Car

Image of a classical car

This particular Austin Westminster had been saved from the banger track and is one of just ten made.

The team at Practical Classics worked frantically to prepare the car for its first appearance on stage at the Practical Classics Restoration and Classic Car Show.

While getting prepared to go on stage, the fuel pump had decided to give up. With minutes to go before curtain-up, they found something that worked! The team piled in and shot off for a test drive before hurtling onto the stage to cheers from the crowd. A superb end to the weekend, but by no means the end of this project.

The leather interior has arrived at Furniture Clinic, ready to be started very soon!

Practical Classics Westminster Restoration

Craig will restore the entire interior with a range of Furniture Clinic's specialist leather care products which are available online.

Before starting restoration process, he must examine the leather for any holes, scuffs and discolouration. 

This will help determine the scale of the project as well as the products he will use and how long it may take.

Practical Classics Westminster Leather Restoration

He will also take a small sample of undamaged leather to our colour department for a colour match.

As we don't have the Westminster colours on record, we will make a new colourant from scratch, matching the original colour of the interior to keep it looking as authentic as possible.

Once the leather has been assessed and the colour has been matched, we can then begin prepping the leather!

We will keep you updated.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about cleaning or restoring your own leather car interior, contact us via email ([email protected]) or call 0844 879 3691