New year, new look for your home?

New year, new look for your home?



If you're trying to keep costs to a minimal, don't replace your leather furniture, restore it!

We have a range of leather restoration products available to buy online that will allow you to repair or even re-colour any leather item.

Before you order, you first need to determine if you have an absorbent or non-absorbent leather

Simply pour a drop of water onto an undamaged area of leather and rub it in with your finger. 

If the leather darkens and the water soaks in, the leather is absorbent.

If the water remains on the surface, the leather is non-absorbant (pigmented)


If you need help, deciding on what products you need, here are our solutions to some common problems with leather:

Build up of day-to-day dirt

Leather Care Kit containing our Leather Ultra Clean and Leather Protection Cream, priced at £29.95

Scuffs and scratches on absorbent leathers

Leather Re-colouring Balm, priced at £19.85

Scuffs and scratches on non-absorbent leathers

For smaller areas - Complete Leather Repair Kit, priced at £23.95

For larger areas - Leather Binder, Leather Repair Kit, Leather Colourant Kit, from £84.90

Colour loss on absorbent leathers

Leather Re-colouring Balm, priced at £23.95

Colour loss on non-absorbent leathers

Leather Colourant Kit, priced from £50

Heavy Cracking

Leather Binder, Leather Flexifil, Leather Colourant Kit, from £80.90

Peeling Finish

Leather Finish Kit, priced at £29.95 


Did you know that you can restore your leather car interior too? 

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All of our products come with easy-to-follow instructions but if you require more help, we have a range of 'how-to' guides and video tutorials available on our website. You can even call us on 0844 879 3691 or email [email protected]

We also have a nationwide network of repair technicians that can carry out the work for you. Contact your nearest branch or submit an online enquiry form to receive a quote.