New Product Range: Floor Polishes

Floor Polishes

All about Floor Polishes

To work alongside our new range of Floor Cleaners, we have also been developing a specialist range of Floor Polishes. These aren’t just standard polishes that give your floor a shine; these are high performance finishes that will repair any dull and faded flooring, fills micro scratches, and most importantly protect the floor, helping to reduce wear & tear, and accidental damage and staining.

We’ve developed four specialist polishes, one for wood, laminate, vinyl and a specialist finish for oiled wooden flooring. So, lets take a look at each Floor Polish and find out more about it.

Wood Floor Polish

Our Wood Floor Polish can be used on all types of wooden flooring; hardwood, softwood, engineered board, solid wood and flooring made from all species of wood such as oak, maple, etc. The floor polish applies a very thin later to the surface of the wood that will repair any micro scratches, restore faded patches and also protect the wood from future damage.

Wood Floor Maintenance Oil

This floor polish has all the same great properties as our wood floor polish, but it has been designed specifically for oiled flooring. The finish in the Maintenance Oil has a very natural look, so once applied to your flooring it won’t alter the colour of finish on the wood.

Vinyl Floor Polish

Suitable for all types of vinyl from sheet vinyl and vinyl tiles to luxury vinyl flooring, this floor polish has been designed to be quick and easy to use. Like our other floor polishes, the Vinyl Floor Polish restores and protects the flooring helping to make it easier to clean and maintain as the floor is used.

Laminate Floor Polish

This floor polish is not only great for protecting new laminate flooring, but its brilliant at restoring laminates that have started to fade and suffer minor scratches to the finish. The Laminate Floor Polish works by applying a protective coating to the laminate that resists wear & tear and stains, restores faded patches and enhances the overall look and feel of the flooring.

How and when to use floor polishes

Ideally, you should apply a floor polish to your flooring before you start to use the floor. This will keep the floor protected, making it easier to clean and maintain as you use it. If you’ve already got a floor that needs some tlc, then you should clean it first using one of our Floor Cleaners.

When it comes to re-applying the floor polish, there is no right or wrong amount of times per year you should do this. This is because different floors (or even different parts of the same floor) will be used more often than others. The hallway for example will suffer more wear & tear than a less walked on floor in your house.

So for maintenance we recommend you clean your floor and re-apply the polish whenever you start to see parts of the floor starting to look dull. The areas looking dull are an indication that the polish has been removed from these areas through use and needs to be re-applied. Otherwise, you should re-apply the polish once every six months.