New Product Range: Floor Cleaners

Floor Cleaners Range

This month we have launched a brand-new range of Floor Cleaners. We decided to develop a specialist cleaner for wooden flooring to follow on from our successful range of wood cleaners. However, whilst carrying out the R&D into this we decided to create a full range of cleaners rather than just the wood floor cleaner we started with.

We ended up developing four new cleaners for wood, laminate, vinyl and stone & tiles. Learn more about them here.

Floor Cleaners Concept

We wanted to develop a range of cleaners that were easy to use, cleaned brilliantly and lasted a long time. We decided to make them concentrate so they’re easy to ship and have a lower environmental impact in terms of packaging and shipping. This is because a 500ml bottle of floor cleaner can be diluted at home with water to make 5 litres.

This means that with the handy 500ml bottle size you’ll be able to clean 1000m2 of flooring, which is equivalent to cleaning the average size room 61 times!

All our floor cleaners will dry quickly, streak free and leave your room infused with the wonderful aroma they are each infused with. Once you’ve cleaned your flooring, you should then protect and maintain it using one of our specialist Floor Polishes.

Wood Floor Cleaner

Our Wood Floor Cleaner was developed to be a specialist and gentle cleaner for use on all types of wooden flooring. There are many types of wooden floors so when developing our cleaner we made sure it was safe to use on all types, such as oiled, varnish, lacquered, waxed and natural unfinished wood. It can also be used of solid hardwood flooring as well as engineered board.

Laminate Floor Cleaner

Laminate flooring is a popular alternative to real wood and needs specialist care and attention to clean it properly. When developing our laminate floor cleaner we made sure it worked great on all types of laminate, being capable of thoroughly cleaning the laminate without dulling the finish.

The Laminate Floor Cleaner is also infused with a fresh linen aroma so leaves you room smelling lovely and fresh.

Vinyl Floor Cleaner

Our Vinyl Floor Cleaner was developed to work on all types of vinyl flooring such as sheet vinyl and standard vinyl tiles through to luxury vinyl flooring like Amtico and Karndean. Its great for use in the kitchen and bathroom and will remove stubborn staining from the vinyl. Its also infused with a wonderful lavender aroma and will leave you room smelling clean and fresh after use.

Stone & Tile Floor Cleaner

The last product in our floor cleaning range is the Stone & Tile Floor Cleaner. This has been designed for use on natural stone flooring such as granite, marble and slate and also ceramic and porcelain tiles. As some stones and tiles can be very delicate we’ve made sure to create a gentle floor cleaner that is also capable of removing dirty marks and satins from flooring.