Leather Sofas to Car Seats: Are Yours Protected

Black leather car seats

We have everything you need to repair and restore your leather sofa and car seats but what if you could prevent them from becoming stained or damaged in the first place? Well, you can!


What are the most common causes of staining to a leather sofa or car interior?


Liquids: You’re relaxing at home or on a long drive when you spill your drink on your leather sofa or car seat! If the leather is at all porous or if the liquid is left, it will be absorbed and will leave behind dark marks when the fibres beneath the leather’s finish have dried.


Ink: We often don’t think about where we use a pen, especially when we’re in a rush but it’s devastating when we find a mark on any of our items!


UV Fade: Summer is approaching and many of us are wishing for some sunshine! However, direct sunlight can cause the colour of leather to fade.


Heat: Heat from the sun, blow heaters and fireplaces can also cause leather to dry, resulting in cracking.


Oil: As leather is used, natural oils from the skin, as well as oils from moisturisers will slowly start to attack the leather causing it to discolour, crack and peel. This damage can be seen on most items of furniture where a person rests their hands and head, and on car steering wheels, appearing as a dull, dark mark.


Problems that can often occur without proper protection.

So, how do we prepare for the unexpected?


Whenever we buy something new, we always want to keep it in perfect condition and the best place to start is with prevention.


Use a Leather Protection Cream

Many new sofas and cars will often come with a care kit which includes a leather protection cream, which we recommend using as soon as you receive your item.

Our Leather Protection Cream is a water based leather cream used to condition, protect, nourish and re-instate the aroma into old and new leather items.

It provides advanced barrier protection technology to help repel all oil and water based staining from leather, helping to prevent these problems from occurring.

The barrier applied to the leather will also hold general dirt & soiling on the surface making the leather much easier to clean and care for, especially when it comes to pen marks and dye transfer! 

This allows such staining to be cleaned off using the Leather Ultra Clean as opposed to needing specialist treatment.

As you use leather you cause friction that slowly starts to wear the leather coating away. The protection cream acts a barrier between the leather and the dirt abrasions helping to prevent premature wear & tear.


Here you can see how the protective barrier has held the liquid on the surface, whereas without the Protection Cream applied the liquid has soaked in causing a stain.

Suitable for:

Leather Protection Cream can be used on all different articles of leather, from furniture and car interior to equestrian leathers.


  • Aniline & Semi-Aniline Leather
  • Pigmented / Top Coat Leather
  • Oil & Wax Pull Up Leather
  • BiCast Leather
  • Two Tone, Mottled & Antique Finished Leather


Leather Care Kit

In a conveniently sized box, our Leather Care Kit it contains our leather cleaner and protection so you can clean and maintain your leather items as you please.

This way you will never get caught off guard!


Problems with your leather?

If your sofa or car interior is in need of more than just a clean and protection, you can find all of our leather repair and restoration products on our online store, as well as a range of 'How-to' guides and video tutorials to help you every step of the way.


We also offer nationwide leather cleaning, repair and restoration services. Find your nearest branch here.