Leather paint for shoes

Leather paint for shoes

In today's blog we look into painting leather shoes. This can be to create designs using our Leather Paint, or restore or change the colour of your footwear too, using our Shoe Colouring Kit.

Painting leather shoes: what are my options?

You can use two different products for painting leather shoes, depending on what you want to achieve.

  1. Leather Paint – Use this for hand painting creative designs and patterns onto leather.
  2. Shoe Colouring Kit – Use this for repairing or restoring your shoes. i.e. if you want to fix a scuff or scratch, or if you need to restore all the leather.

Both products are interchangeable and can also be used in conjunction with each other. i.e. you could use the Shoe Colouring Kit to restore the colour to your shoes and you could then use the Leather Paint to paint a design onto an area. The Shoe Colour Kit can be used to paint design too, however the colour in there is designed for restoring leather and so the results wouldn't be as good as if you used the Leather Paint. 

Painting leather shoes video

Watch our video showing you how to paint creative designs onto sneakers. In this video we use several colours of our Leather Paint to give these trainers a brand-new look.

Instructions for painting creative designs

Before you paint the leather, you first need to prepare the surface. This will ensure the Leather Paint adheres properly to the shoes. Do this using Leather Prep as shown in the video.

Once the shoes are prepped you can apply the Leather Paint. Shake the bottle well first. You can apply the paint using a paint brush, sponge or airbrush. What you choose is really just down to preference.

Apply the Leather Paint onto the shoe and let it dry. Drying will take about five minutes naturally, or it can be dried instantly with a hair drier.

Once you’ve painted the shoe you should then finish it. Applying the Leather Finish will seal in the Leather Paint and help prevent it from scuffing or scratching off. The finish is also available in matt, satin and gloss so you can use it to increase or decrease the shine.

Painting Leather Shoes

You can see above where we have used our Light Blue, Black and Orange Leather Paint to paint these shoes. We also custom made Purple by mixing the paints together.

Instructions for painting shoes to repair and restore

We use the Shoe Colouring Kit for this. Not only does it work on leather, but you can also restore or change the colour of fabric and suede shoes with this kit too.

Make sure the shoes are clean first; clean them with our Leather Cleaner if you don’t have one. Then rub the shoes down with the small abrasive pad and some water.

Apply the Colourant onto a sponge and rub it into the leather, leave it to dry for a few minutes or dry it instantly with a hair drier. One coat of colour is all that’s required to restore colour, but if you’re using the kit to change the colour of leather shoes you may need to apply two or three coats of colourant.

The colourant provided in the kit seals itself, so there is no need to apply any leather finish afterwards.

Colour choices for leather paint

Both products are available in a wide range of colours to paint leather shoes with. On each product page you can check the colour chart to see the full range of leather paints available.