Leather Glue: Everything You Need to Know

Leather Glue PU, Leather Glue Solvent Based, Contact Adhesive

When carrying out any remedial cosmetic repairs to leather, you will inevitably find the need to use a specialist leather glue. We have three different types of adhesive available, so when it comes to choosing the right glue for the right job, you know we have it covered; and with our new and improved formula for the Leather Glue SB, here is an overview about the different types of glue we offer and the best ways to use them.

Often when it comes to choosing a glue for a specific task, it simply comes down to preference and which glue you are familiar with and used to using. However, I feel that there is a place in my toolbox for all three of our glues. This blog helps to explain in what situations you may want to use one glue over another.

New improved Leather Glue SB

We have been working hard to develop an improved formula for our Leather Glue SB. Traditional solvent-based glues tend to soften when heat is applied even when fully cured.

With this in mind, if you are carrying out a cosmetic repair and use a traditional solvent based glue, or ‘cement’ as they are sometimes known, it’s important to let them dry naturally before continuing with the repair. Great care must then be observed when applying other water-based products such as fillers or colourants if you need to speed up the drying process, as the heat from the hairdryer will soften the glue and can sometimes compromise the integrity of the solvent-based glue within the repair.

Our new Leather Glue SB has a higher resistance to heat which means that when heating other repair products to speed up the process, you can be confident that the repair will last.

Which glue should I use?

Leather Glue SB

Solvent based, extremely strong and flexible and easy to use.


• Contact adhesive – Sticks instantly, great for quick repairs.

• Improved heat resistance


• Solvent based – harder to clean up (Liquid Leather Degreaser is the best product to clean up any residue on the surface of the leather or applicators)

When to use – Contact adhesives have instant grab qualities, this means that when you find yourself in a situation where one surface naturally wants to pull apart from the other, the Leather Glue SB is best suited for this because when contact is made, it will stick and stay. For example, pictured below is worn piping to the corner of a seat cushion. The leather naturally wants to peel away from the piping cord, the Leather Glue SB is perfect for this situation; simply apply a small amount to both the leather and piping cord, leave for 15 seconds and press down.

Leather Glue PU

Polyurethane based flexible glue that flexes with the leather for a long-lasting repair.


• Water based polyurethane – easy clean up

• Heat cured

• Suitable for high use areas


• Not a contact adhesive; pressure must be applied while heating to bond surfaces, which can be awkward in some circumstances

When to use - Our original polyurethane (PU) based glue uses the same technology as the majority of the other repair products used when carrying out cosmetic repairs. The benefit of this system is that it is the most compatible glue to all the other repair products, this means that if any residual glue remains on the surface of the leather after use, it’s not so important to clean it up before colour work is undertaken. Leather Glue PU is good for bonding the edges of leather together when repairing a rip for example, as in the picture below, since it can simply be placed in the void if there is any leather missing to the area.

5ml Contact Adhesive WB

A highly flexible, natural rubber latex adhesive used to secure a Repair Sub Patch.


• Quick grab

• Easy to use nozzle

• Highly flexible


• Should only be used to secure a repair sub patch

When to use - Our Water-based Contact Adhesive in the 5ml tube was designed for one job and one job only; to secure a Repair Sub Patch to the underside of leather when carrying out cosmetic repairs. And it does its job immensely well when time is against you. Its ergonomically designed nozzle (I we use the word ergonomically because it takes away the physical discomfort and frustration of trying to apply a Repair Sub Patch to the back of the leather when you can only gain access through the damage!), you can easily insert it through the damage and control where you are applying it before simply pressing everything down for an instant quick grab action. This enables you to apply a Repair Sub Patch in seconds!

The water-based formula is derived from a natural rubber latex rubber which is the most flexible of all our glues. This means that when you use the 5ml Contact Adhesive to secure a Repair Sub Patch, it’s the best way to ensure that the feel of the repair area remains soft and flexible.

In summary, I really do think there is room in your toolbox for all three of the different types of glue that we offer; if you need any further help or technical advice, please feel free to call or email us – [email protected] 

You can buy all our Leather Glues on our website or by calling us on 01207 279 960.