How to stain a fence

Fence Stain

The Fence Stain

We’ll be using our Dark Oak Fence Stain to restore this fence.

You can see that this fence has been stained previously and the old stain has started to wear off (below). That’s ok though, as our Fence Stain is super concentrated so can be used on old fences, as well as brand new fences.

Resorting an old fence requires a little more work, as to get the best results you’ll need to brush off any old and flaking stain, but in this blog we’ll go through the steps needed to show you how to restore a fence.

Stained Fence

Above: The left side of this fence is old and worn, the right side has been restored using our Fence Stain in Dark Oak.

Watch the video – how to stain a fence

Don’t want to read the blog? Watch the video that shows you exactly how to stain a fence

Cleaning & Preparation for staining

You don’t strictly need to do this step, as our Fence Stain will cover older stains, but for the best results you should prepare the fence.

To do this simply scrub the fence using a Stiff Bristled Brush. This cleaning action will remove and loose and flaking fence stain that has previously been applied. Doing this will help the new coat of Fence Stain soak into the wood better, which will help you achieve a better end result.

Staining the fence

The Fence Stain can be applied with a brush or sprayer; both will give you great results, but spraying is definitely quicker!

Applying Fence Stain with a brush

Simply dip the brush into the stain and wipe it onto the fence, following the direction of the grain. Its super concentrated so will cover in just one application.

Make sure to also stain the sides of the panels and any other bits of wood, even if they’re not seen. The stain isn’t just changing the colour of the wood, but also helping to protect it from weathering and rot, so the more areas you can cover with the stain, the longer your fence will last.

Applying Fence Stain with a sprayer

The Fence Stain is ready to use, however if you need to thin it down to help it pass through the sprayer you can add up to 10% water.

Simply spray it onto the fence going up and down or side to side. It will cover in just one coat.

After staining the fence

The wood will be showerproof within one hour. The Fence Stain is enriched with wax too, which will help the fence repel rain; reducing water absorption and rot.

You shouldn’t need to stain the fence again for at least five years!