How To Revive & Restore Plastic Decking Using Composite Decking Cleaner

How To Revive & Restore Plastic Decking Using Composite Decking Cleaner

Decking is becoming more popular among homeowners, with many of them choosing composite decking for their garden due to its durability and low maintenance along with its aesthetic appeal.

However, like any outdoor surface, composite deck can accumulate dirt, algae, and green staining over time. This not only affects the appearance of the surface but can also make it slippery and unsafe. Regular cleaning is essential to keep your decking looking its best, prevent potential damage, and prolong lifespan. This blog will guide you through the steps to clean and revive your composite decking, insuring it remains a beautiful feature of your home.

What is Composite Decking Made From?

Composite decking is made from a mix of wood fibres and plastic, providing the natural look of wood with enhanced durability. Because of the unique blend of materials, it is important to use a specially formulated cleaner for composite decking which will address the properties of these materials. These cleaners typically include mild detergents which break down dirt without damaging the composite material, and ingredients that specifically target and prevent the growth of mould and algae.

Composite Decking Cleaner: The Expert Solution

Our new Cleaner for Composite Decking is the ideal product to add into your garden cleaning routine. It can be used as a general cleaner but is also formulated for deeper cleaning: removing green staining, algae, lichens, and mould from composite decking.

Composite Decking Cleaner For Plastic Decking

Available in 5 litres, Composite Decking Cleaner is suitable for cleaning all types of exterior items made from composite including, plastic decking, cladding, fences, sheds, and even planters. The bleach-free formula is tough on dirt but gentle to your decking without damaging the surface.

The quick-acting, advanced formula is easy to use and can be applied directly to the surface with no scrubbing required, or pressure washer needed. We always advise to avoid the use of a pressure washer as if not used correctly, it can cause fibres to splinter and lift off.

Composite Decking Cleaner Features

  • Drying Time: 10 minutes
  • Coverage: 25m² per 5 litre bottle
  • Maintenance: Once a year
  • Application: Pour over decking
  • Suitability: Safe for all types of composite decking

How to use Composite Decking Cleaner

  1. Remove loose dirt and debris by sweeping the decking.
  2. Shake the cleaner well.
  3. Using a hosepipe, slightly dampen the surface to be treated.
  4. Pour the product into a watering can and pour over the decking. Scrub the decking with a stiff bristled brush and leave for 20 minutes for the cleaner to take effect. Alternatively, pour the product into a bucket and apply to the wood using a scrubbing brush.

The cleaning action of the Composite Decking Cleaner will start to break down any dirt, grime, and staining on the decking, and the brush will lift it from the surface of the decking.

Rinse the decking with a hosepipe to wash off all dirt and residue from the Composite Decking Cleaner. Some green staining may still be visible at this point; follow the instructions for killing algae & lichen as a final step.

Removing Algae & Lichen

For best results, clean the decking as instructed above, and then follow the instructions below for how to remove green staining from decking.

  1. Simply pour the Composite Decking Cleaner onto the affected areas, making sure to saturate the decking in those areas completely.
  2. Leave the decking for five days for the product to dwell. During this time the Composite Decking Cleaner will start to attack the green staining, breaking it down, and removing the stain from the decking. The Composite Decking Cleaner will also kill any algae or mould on the decking, helping to prevent future growth.
  3. After waiting five days the green staining will have turned to a type of dust on the decking. Simply brush this off with a stiff bristled brush. You can also hose the decking down with water if needed.

Regular Maintenance 

We suggest regularly sweeping and rinsing your decking to prevent dirt buildup and stains. It is also important to avoid the use of harsh chemicals such as bleach to ensure that the surface does not get damaged.

By following these steps, you’ll ensure that your composite decking is well-maintained and looked after for years to come.

If you are looking to clean your wooden decking, see our Decking Cleaner.