Furniture Clinic's Four Season Leather Care Plan

To help make your leather furniture and car seats last longer, we have created a Four Seasons Care Plan.

The aim of this leather care plan is to remind you to clean and protect your leather items, four times a year, at the start of each season. 

In doing this, you will greatly prolong the life of your leather and reduce the chances of staining, damage through wear, as well as colour loss from direct sunlight.

When should you start the plan? 

As soon as possible.

Many new sofas and cars will often come with a care kit which includes a leather cleaner and leather protector. We recommend using this as soon as you receive your item. 

If you have already started using your items, just make sure you give them a thorough clean before adding the protection cream.

What to use? 

Only use specialist leather products! Many products such as baby wipes and all-purpose cleaners have chemicals and substances in them that can cause drying, cracking or colour loss.

We recommend that you use our Leather Care Kit.

What are the benefits of using our Leather Care Kit? 

Our Leather Ultra Clean is an effective and powerful water-based cleaner which is capable of removing deeply ingrained dirt and grime without causing any damage to the leather.

Our Leather Protection Cream will add a protective barrier to the leather that will repel stains, hold dirt on the surface, making the leather much easier to clean and will protect the surface from wear and tear.

Is it suitable for all types of leather?

Our Leather Care Kit is ideal for cleaning and protecting all types of finished and unfinished leather. From leather sofas, leather car interiors. equestrian leathers, motorbike leathers and even leather handbags!

The leathers used on modern sofas and all car interiors have a pigmented finish on them. Although the protection cream will not condition the leather, the leather will protect the finish from wear, tear and heat.

Sofa or car seats need more than just a clean?

We have a fantastic range of leather care, repair and restoration products available on our online shop. 

And, if the project seems too big for you to do it yourself, our expert teams across the country are always here to provide professional repair and restoration services. Find your nearest branch here.