Customer results using Fabric Paint

Customer results using fabric paint

In this blog, we talk about our Fabricoat Fabric Paint, and show you some really great results from our customers.

The benefits of Fabric Paint

Our Fabric Paint is a water-based, polyurethane paint which has excellent coverage and provides an extremely flexible, hard-wearing, resistant coating which will never crack, flake or peel.

As well being used to restore or change the colour of fabric, it can also be used to paint custom design on to items, such as: sofas, upholstery, car seats, footwear, clothing and handbags.

Our Fabric Paint is super easy to use too; just apply it to the fabric with a brush or sponge and it will instantly soak in and dye the fabric.

What colours do we offer?

We offer 12 standard colours: White, Black, Red, Yellow, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Turquoise, Green, Lime Green, Orange, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, as well as over 30 custom colours.

You can also mix any colours of Fabric Paint together to achieve any colour you need.

If you’re using the fabric paint to change the colour of fabric, make sure the fabric is currently a lighter colour than the paint you decide to use.

How to use Fabric Paint - watch our video


Before applying the Fabric Paint, ensure the fabric is clean. For items that can’t be machines washed, you can use our Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner.

Once clean, dampen the fabric by spraying water on with a trigger spray bottle.

Pour the paint into a bowl and dip in a sponge or paint brush. Rub this into the fabric and it will instantly soak in and change the colour.

Leave to dry before applying a second coat of fabric paint in the exact same way as the first.

Customer Results using Fabric Paint

The following restorations were done by customers and uploaded as part of a product review for our Fabricoat Fabric Paint.

Amazing product!

“I have recently moved house and I wanted a dark green sofa but couldn’t afford to buy a brand new, so I had to look for alternatives. To say I’m impressed with the product is an understatement! I absolutely love my dark green sofa!”

The left photo is the before, and the right photo is what it looks like after being painted with our Fabric Paint in Green.

It’s saved me a fortune

“I brushed it on the sun faded area on my sofa and was able to match the colours perfectly by building up the colour to the desired shade. The fabric was synthetic but took the risk rather than recover and pleased I did as it’s saved me a fortune!”

This photo the left shows the sun-faded fabric before being restored with our Fabric Paint in Red. The photo on the right, is the finished result.

I am very pleased with the result

“I wanted to paint the beige tree pattern on my chair in the lounge so that it would match my new décor so I purchased the Fabric Paint in orange...It has given the chair a new release of life that fits in great with my new décor. I am very pleased with the result.”

This customer bought our Fabric Paint in orange to partially re-colour the pattern on her armchair. The photo on the right it what it looked like before, and the photo on the right is what it looks like after being re-coloured.

I’m really pleased with the results

“A comfy but dated 90’s settee revamped using bottle green fabricoat. It worked best being applied using a sponge. The cream stripes came out a leafy green and the blue stripes a dark teal. I’m really pleased with the results and will definitely use this product again!”

The top photo shows the application process of our Fabric Paint in Green. The bottom photo shows what it looks like after being re-coloured.

They look really good!

“Black Fabric Paint used to dye my faded classic mini seats. They had red fabric piping but I didn’t like it, so dyed the whole seats black. The piping is now dark grey and they look really good.”

This photo shows car seats from a Mini. The car seat on the right is what they looked like before being painted, and the seat on the left is what they look like after being painted with our Fabric Paint in Black.

Want to know more about our Fabric Paint?

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