Best Decking Oil for Quality Decking

The best decking oil being applied

If you have a good quality deck such as Iroko, Teak, Siberian Larch or any other hardwood decking, you want to make sure you treat it with the best decking oil available.

You could stain the decking, but that will change the look, and why buy a quality timber deck if you’re then going to stain it. You want to use a Clear Decking Oil to accentuate the natural beauty of the wood.

What is the best Decking Oil?

There are lots of different types of decking oil, but we think the best type to use is a Clear Decking Oil. A clear oil will nourish and protect the decking, help to resist mould/mildew growth and also reduce sun fading. Most importantly though, a clear oil only enhances the natural colour of the wood; it will not change or alter the look.  It can be used on all types of decking:

Hardwood and softwood decking
Oak decking
Siberian Larch decking
Thermowood decking
Iroko, Balau and other tropical wood decking
Cedar decking
Teak decking

Decking Oil Comparison

Here is a photo of what our Clear Decking Oil looks like when applied to Iroko, Siberian Larch and Thermowood. You can see it slightly darkens the wood enhancing the woods natural beauty, but doesn’t darken it too much so that the colour changes.

Best Decking Oil Comparison

Photo (left to right): Iroko, Siberian Larch and Thermowood. All treated on the left side with our Clear Decking Oil.

Benefits of Oiling Decking

Applying an oil to decking is the best way to treat decking. It has many great benefits over a stain:

  1. The oil soaks into the wood keeping the wood nourished; this helps to stop the wood from drying out, splitting and fading.
  2. The oil is treated to resist bacterial growth, helping to stop the growth of mould, mildew and lichen. This helps to stop the wood turning green. If you have green stains on your decking already, use our Decking Cleaner to remove them.
  3. It’s treated to block UV rays. The oil will help reduce sun damage’ reducing fading and keeping the colour of the wood looking more vibrant.
  4. The oil is clear, and so will not drastically change the colour of the wood. As the oil soaks into the timber, it brings out the grain in the wood, enhancing the woods natural beauty.

Watch the Video

This video shows you how to use Decking Oil and shows what the oil looks like as it is applied the various types of wooden decking.

Where to buy the best decking oil

To find out more about our oil, or to buy it online, you can do so using this link - Clear Decking Oil.