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Audi Convertible Full Leather Repair/Restoration and Re-Colouring

Decided to upgrade my blue fabric Audi seats to a leather one. The problem is that I couldn't find a decent one with matching blue colour. So i got a Grey one with loads of wear and rips for few pounds. Called one of the local shop and they quoted me 800Euro to do the same job that I'll show you here. Thanks to Furniture Clinic products it was an easy transformation for the fraction of the price! Note: Never done anything like this before and i was not prepared at the time to do detailed pictures as the work in progress so I don't have pictures from all the stages.

Posted By:

Mark Szabo

Added this guide 51 years ago


Users Top Tips:

Clean airbrush often to get a nice clog free colour flow.

Get all necessary tools and set up a goal.

Disassemble seats as much as possible, as its easier and cleaner to work with.

Prepare, prepare, prepare. Leather Preparation is very important. Spend enough time to do it properly. The final outcome highly dependent on it.

Be patient with the colorant while applying. Always leave enough time to let it dry before new coats.


1. Preparing the old leather

Seats a removed and ready to prepare. Prep the leather using an abrasive pad that comes in the leather colorant kit. This will remove the transparent manufactured finish that applied to leather. Once the colour is removed (not all colour comes off) the next steep is to clean the surface. (note: advised to do this in a well ventilated room or outside, use disposable gloves)

2. Next few steps

- Clean the leather with Alcohol. - Use heavy filler if there is any deal cracks to fill. - repeat process until it levels out and ensure that you leave enough time to dry between coats (you can also use flexifill instead of Heavy filler) - Once its dried, use very fine sandpaper to smooth the filler to level. - I used leather binder to soften up the leather as it was quite dried out. applied binder 3 times and let that dried. - Clean the leather again with alcohol.

3. Colouring

Shake the bottle well for few minutes before applying it with a sponge. Take the sponge that comes with the kit and start to apply the colour all over, especially to the hard to reach areas. Leave it dry and repeat the process with the sponge again. (note: the 1st or the 2nd application does not give you full coverage) Once it dries, the next step is to spray the colorant onto the leather using the airbrush in the kit. Cover the harder to reach areas first, then proceed to spray the colourant on in thin coats over the seats until it looks nice and uniform. Always let the previous layer of colourant dry before spraying more on top. Avoid paint overrun. It took me 4 thin coat to get the required colour and proper coverage. After applying the colourant you should then seal it in with the finish. First spray on the Super-Seal, spray this on in 3-4 coats and give enough time to dry between coats. you can use hairdryer to speed up the process. Note: Super-seal is far more thinner then the colorant so adjust the airbrush accordingly. Lastly the Leather Finish should be applied. Spray on the leather finish in approximately 7-8 thin coats for best results. Always remember to leave time for each layer to dry before applying the next.

4. Close up detailed look.

Here is a close up after the seat is re-fitted to the Audi.


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Guest (5 years ago)

Perfect colour choice! Suits the car for sure, she deserves it. Looks like brand new. How is it now in a daily use? Does it last? Any fade aways?

Denise (5 years ago)

You could change profession Mark. Maybe Furniture Clinic hires you if you want a new carrier! ;)

P Y (5 years ago)

Great job in there .

Stimo (6 years ago)

Nice change, well done!

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