Pull Up Leather

“A leather that by design lightens in colour when stretched.”

Pros: Cons:
  • Very Natural
  • Lived in Look
  • Natural Grain Pattern
  • Visible Markings
  • Quite difficult to maintain
  • Can become distressed easily
  • Potential colour transfer problems


Pull Up Leather
The Magnifying Glass Test

Under a magnifying glass pull-up leather looks very cracked. Due to the nature of the finish the lighter colour shows through all the natural creases and cracks in the leather making them very evident when magnified.

The Absorption Test:

Drip a small amount of leather cleaner or water onto a pull-up leather and it will absorb it within about 15 seconds. As pull-up leathers are generally quite dark the water stain shows more of a matt area rather than a darker area.

NOTE: If the leather absorbs the water quickly, it means that it will also absorbs stains easily & quickly. It is crucial to maintain this leather with regular applications of the leather protection cream. If your leather has faded you will need the leather re-colouring balm to restore the colour.

The Touch Test:

A pull-up leather feels very soft and natural. When stretched it will lighten in colour. It scratches quite easily as well, again to a lighter colour.

The Visual Test:

The colour of a pull-up leather is quite uniform, however as the leather ages and the lighter colour shows through it can look quite distressed. It looks very natural as it only has a slight finish applied. If your leather has faded & scratched you will need the leather re-colouring balm to restore the colour.

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