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When it comes to purchasing leather it is something definitely worth researching into. There are many types of leather available, some of which would be totally unsuitable for certain living environments, i.e. with children and pets.

However, if you want to go for a natural leather, and have kids and pets, it can still be a worthwhile purchase, you just need to regularly maintain the leather using our leather protection cream. For more information on leather maintenance, read our Leather Care Plan.

To make things simple, we can classify leather into three easy categories.

  1. Finished (protected) leather
  2. Un-finished leather
  3. Suede & nubuck


This is leather that has had some kind of protective coating applied to it to help resist stains and wear. In order of ease of use and maintenance, here are the leathers in this category.

  1. Bi-Cast
  2. Pigmented
  3. Semi Aniline


These leathers have no finished coatings applied and so are prone to staining. These leather types are less suitable for families with your children or pets. In order of ease of use and maintenance, here are the leathers in this category.

  1. Pull Up
  2. Oily/Waxy Pull Up
  3. Aniline


Suede & nubuck are different from the above leathers and need to be cared for using specialist products. The difference between these and normal leather, is that their surfaces have been buffed to produce a nap, which makes the extremely absorbent and hard to maintain. We are currently developing a cleaning and protection kit from suede and nubuck.


If you have children and/or pets then you are best off getting a finished leather. Otherwise it doesn't matter to much.

You should always maintain the leather sticking to our Leather Care Plan. Doing so will allow you to have whatever type of leather you want, without the fear of it staining or wearing away more quickly.

Their are numerous different types, manufacturing processes, uses & ways to care for leather. Use the various links below for more information on each resource:

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